Beard Care

On this page you’ll find our best beard care tips, guides, and product recommendations. 

There’s no single style, or length that makes a beard great.

Our beards are as unique as we are.

So whatever your experience level or goals, we’re here to  help you unlock the full potential of your handsome face.

Beard Care


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Foundations: Beard Care Basics

If you’re serious about growing a great beard, that really starts with keeping it clean and healthy. 

There are a lot of great companies who manufacture excellent beard care products, but you don’t need a lot of fancy products or a lot of fancy equipment to grow and care for your beard. We have a number of great DIY recipes to make your own beard care products if money is tight (or if you are self-sufficient and just love making things yourself).

But here’s our list of what you will need to grow and maintain a fantastic beard:

Beard Care Products We Recommend

  • Beard Balm – Balms moisturize, condition, and soften your beard. Most good ones contain shea butter and oil to encourage growth and premium beeswax to lock in moisture for even the longest day in the toughest conditions.
  • Beard Oil – Oils hydrate your hair follicles and nourish your skin (you absorb them through your pores). Most are a blend of carrier oils and essential oils. Contrary to what you may think, beard oils feel light and fresh when applied, not oily.
  • Beard Wash – It’s basically a specialized shampoo for your beard. These are formulated specifically for beards, and clean and remove dirt and unclog pores without stripping your beard of natural oils. Many get extra-sudsy and offer a pleasant smell you’ll love.
  • Beard Conditioner or Softener – These products have a few different names in the industry, but they are designed to penetrate even the thickest facial hair to keep your beard from drying out. This makes managing your beard easier and more enjoyable.

The Tools You'll Want to Own

Beyond these beard care products, you’ll want some tools to help you get the job done. Most men can get by with three:

  • Shears or Scissors You’ll need to do some detail work and trimming in areas. Most men like to have an electric trimmer AND scissors, but can get by with one. We find that there are some areas of your face that electric trimmers just can’t reach as well as we’d like, so we do recommend you invest in beard scissors if you have the money. They are made of high quality steel that stay sharp longer against these rugged hairs.
  • Beard Brush – It might seem silly at first to get a brush specifically designed for your beard, but it offers a few benefits you may not know about. First – a beard brush is designed to gently detangle and also reach below the beard to gently exfoliate your skin (we hear from many men with skin issues under their beards, and a beard brush can help solve these). Secondly – it really helps to evenly distribute some of the beard care products mentioned above (and saves you from hands that are oily).
  • Beard Comb Finally, you’ll want to invest in a quality wooden beard comb. These are inexpensive, and worth every single penny you spend. They will detangle your beard without pulling, and are great at shaping your facial hair and distributing beard oil and other products evenly.
Best Premium Beard Grooming Kit
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