On this page you’ll find our best shaving tips, guides, and product recommendations. 

Every face is unique and presents different shaving challenges (and opportunities). 

But we believe a great shave is a great way to start a great day.

Whatever your experience level or goals, we’re here to  help you unlock the full potential of your handsome face.



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Foundations: Shaving Basics

For too long, men have shaved their face with cheap razors, synthetic aerosol creams that damage their skin, and shave with poor technique. 

If you’re serious about shaving, and want a better experience, we’re here to help.

A great shave starts with the right tools, a solid understanding of proper technique, and properly preparing and treating your skin before and after you shave.

There are a lot of great companies who manufacture excellent shaving products, but for our money, a good safety razor, and high-quality natural shaving cream will get the job done well and save you the irritation (both skin and otherwise) that we all want to avoid.

We have some great DIY recipes to make your own shaving cream if money is tight. And if you struggle with sensitive skin, we have a guide about selecting the best shaving cream to use right here.

But to begin with, here’s our list of what we recommend to achieve the perfect shave:

Shaving Products We Recommend

  • Aftershave/Balm – After you shave, it’s important to treat your face with a quality product designed to restore and renew your skin. Depending upon the unique qualities and needs of your skin, a traditional aftershave, natural witch hazel, or a high-end shaving balm including aloe may be the best fit. We recommend experimenting with different products to find what works best for you.
  • Storage Solution – One of the most often overlooked parts of  owning shaving equipment is creating a dedicated space to clean, disinfect, and store your razors and other shaving tools. It should be clean, dry, and safe from little hands. You can buy something dedicated or creat your own.
Our Favorite Shaving Kit
Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

"If you're starting out with wet shaving, this safety razor kit from Viking Revolution has everything you need for a special shaving experience. From razor, to balm, to badger brush and bowl - you're all set for an amazing shave. We recommend it."

- RTG Editorial

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