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Best Wahl Clippers for Cutting Hair

It’s Settled! The Best Wahl Clippers for Cutting Hair [2024]

People get surprisingly attached to clippers, and there are guys who pick clippers and stick with them for life.

You’ve got guys who swear by Andis clippers, guys who swear by Oster clippers, and guys who swear by BaByliss clippers (even though BaByliss clippers are still very much the new kid on the block). Guys get really territorial about their gear, and we get that—we’re like that too. Gear is important. It matters.

But what about Wahl clippers? There are guys who refuse to anything but Wahl equipment—are Wahl clippers worth the hype?

We think so. Here we’ll talk about our picks for the best Wahl clippers, and which you might want to look at. They’re not all the same—and some are good for certain tasks and not for others—so we’ll take a closer look and tell you what we’ve learned. Ready?  

Wahl Clippers for Cutting Hair

Our Favorite Wahl Clippers: Reviews and Summaries

We’re get into the details in a minute, but for those of you looking to get back to your lives, here are a few quick summaries of the various Wahl clippers we recommend:

Best Wahl Model for Beginners: The Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit—If you’ve ever used a set of clippers and been utterly confused by all the little black trimmer guards, this model can be an answer prayer. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and great to learn on;

Best Wahl Model for Families: The Wahl Clipper Clip ‘n Trim 2-in-1 Kit—This is a versatile model that can provide both haircuts, shaves, and trims around the mustache and sideburns, and it’s great if you need to give haircuts to the many people in your tribe;

Best Model for a Variety of Looks: The Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Kit—This is a highly adjustable model, good for whatever haircut style you’re capable of executing. It’s also a great option for guys looking to cut their hair, trim their beards, and edge their sideburns; 

Best Corded and-or Cordless Model / Best for Travel: The Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting and Trimming Kit—Love the freedom of using a cordless trimmer? Here you go. Change your mind and want to plug it in? You’re all set;

Best Everything-You-Need Wahl Kit: The Wahl Clipper Pro Series Platinum Haircutting Combo Kit—If you’re looking for a professional-grade clipper that comes with everything you need, this is the one we suggest—PLUS it’s color-coded, which we absolutely love. That sounds like a small thing, but it’s actually super-helpful, and we talk about that below;

Best Wahl Clippers for Barbers / Professional Use: The Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip Set—This is our pick for best Wahl clipper overall. It’s capable of providing great cuts and extended use, and it’s a corded/cordless model, which is rare for professional-grade clippers. Highly recommend, and of all their models, probably the best clippers Wahl offers. 

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The Best Wahl Clippers for Home Use

Alright! Here we’ll get into the specifics. These are the options we suggest for at-home use. You can absolutely buy professional-grade Wahl clippers for at-home use (and you can see our suggestions below), but you don’t need to—these should do you just fine for most amateur hair-cutting tasks:

The Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit: Now In Color!

Summary: If you’re new to using hair clippers, we recommend the Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit—the set features guards that are color-coded (with each length being a different color), and that system makes switching between lengths MUCH simpler than using the standard black guards.

Best for Beginners
Wahl Clipper USA Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit - Model 79300-1001M
  • Color Coded Guide Combs – Finding and remembering everyone’s favorite hair length is easier than ever. Corresponding the correct comb to the right cutting length is simple with our easy to see attachment guards
  • Smooth, Easy Haircuts – With a variety of cutting lengths, adjusting the trim length is pain-free. The self-sharpening blades cut through the thickest of hair, just remember to oil the blades after a few uses.
  • 26 Piece Grooming Kit – Featuring 14 guide combs from 1/16” to 1” for various cutting lengths, left & right ear tapers, eyebrow trim combs, ear trimming combs, 2 hair clips, blade oil, cleaning brush, flat top comb, styling comb, pocket comb, a blade guard & much more.
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  • Color-coded attachment guards
  • Professional accessories
  • Adjustable taper lever
  • Self-sharpening blades


  • Guards are a little flimsy

The Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit earns a place on our list for its 14 color-coded attachment guards alone. Honestly, we don’t understand why no one thought of this before—each guard has a different color representing its length, along with a key on the clipper casing itself. They look like this:

Wahl Clipper Guards

Compare that to this mess of black guards, all of which are difficult to tell apart:

More Wahl Clipper Guards

Instead of guessing “How long is this guard? How long is this guard?” You simply use the key, find the color, and then select the guard. If you’re new to using clippers for cutting your hair or your family’s hair, this makes everything so much easier, and it can save you a lot of time and hassle, especially when you pick up the mode again for your next cut. You can fall into a groove knowing what you need. 

So that’s great, but there are a lot of other reasons we like this kit for beginners: on top of the color-coded guards, the set features eyebrow and ear-trimming combs, a cape and neck duster (both very nice touches), and perhaps most importantly, an adjustable taper lever on the clipper itself. Even if you’re a beginner, this lets you start experimenting with blending and fading, and that’s FANTASTIC. That’s how you get really good at cutting hair—by experimenting with new styles and haircuts.

The bad news is that the guards, as well as the other accessories like the scissors and combs, are a liiiiittle flimsy. They’ll last a while, but they won’t last forever. But what does these days. Luckily, you can keep it all safe thanks to the included carrying case, which also helps you organize things a bit.

There’s one other aspect we like about these clippers: the self-sharpening blades. They minimize the amount of maintenance you have to do, especially at first, so you know the clippers will keep working accurately without needing you to replace the blades. We think these are a great option for at-home use and people who are just getting into haircutting.

The Wahl Clipper Clip ‘n Trim 2-in-1 Kit: Fantastic for Families

Summary: With an adjustable taper, extensive accessories, and a built-in trimmer, the Wahl Clip ‘n Trim Kit represents maximum versatility, great for families / friends who have a wide range of haircutting needs.

Best for Families
Wahl USA Clip ‘N Trim 2 In 1 Corded Hair Clipper with Pop Up Trimmer Kit – Model 79900-1501P
  • Built in Trimmer – To turn this hair clipper into a trimmer, unclip the black housing on the front lid of the clipper and flip it upwards, moving this in an upwards position will allow the trimmer attachment to rest ontop of the clipper blades
  • Adjustable Taper Lever – Easily change the closeness of your cut between guide comb lengths, move the lever up for the closest cut & move it down for a longer cut; allows for easy transitioning of blending & fading
  • Heavy Duty Motor – Our PowerDrive cutting system easily cuts the thickest hair with 35 percent more power than standard Wahl electromagnetic motor clippers; this powerful electric shaver cuts through the thickest of hair with no snags or pulls
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  • Built-in trimmer
  • Adjustable taper level
  • 12 attachment guards
  • Powerful motor
  • 7-foot cord


  • Flimsy accessories
  • Loud motor

The Wahl Clipper Clip ‘n Trim 2-in-1 Kit has everything we’d hope to see in a capable at-home model: it has an adjustable taper lever that lets you vary hair cutting lengths (and a lot of non-professional clippers in this range don’t have that), 12 attachment guards, a comb, scissors, and carrying case. That doesn’t sound like too much, but it’s pretty much everything we look for in a clipper set that’s going to be giving a lot of haircuts, and right off the bat, that sets it apart from a lot of clipper sets in this range.

The real reason the model caught our eye, however, is its versatility. Not only can you use the model for haircuts, you can also use it for beards (awesome), and because the model also has a built-in trimmer, you can use it to shape sideburns and that back-of-the-neck area that’s difficult to get to. The built-in trimmer is relatively easy to use, too—you just flip the clipper head forward and snap it into place. The vast majority of clippers don’t have that functionality—and certainly not that versatility—so that makes the device a standout among mid-range models.

We do wish these accessories were a bit more durable—like a few other mid-range Wahl clippers, they’re good, but not great—but that’s to be expected, really. Durability is an ongoing issue for non-professional-grade barber gear, and that’s also true for Andis models, Oster modes, and BaByliss models.

With that said, it seems that Wahl took whatever craftsmanship the accessories are lacking and put it into the motor. Wahl’s electromagnetic PowerDrive motor gets 35 percent more power than older corded models, and that means a more comfortable cut—and a faster one, as well—and that can be pretty important if you’re going to be using it on your antsy kids. It is a little loud, though, so you may want to keep that in mind.

Lastly, we liked the thickness and length of the cord on this Wahl model. At seven feet, it also gives you more versatility since it means you can give haircuts in a lot more places and are less dependent on a nearby outlet. That’s great if you’re the guy or gal in your house / flat / dorm who gives the haircuts, and it means you can move around a bit. Very nice.

The Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Kit: For a Range of Styles

Summary: If you’re looking to achieve a broad range of looks, we’d suggest the Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Guide—with an adjustable taper lever, a generous number of clipper guards, and a separate trimmer good for detail work, it’s got just about everything you’d need to execute different haircut styles.

Most Versatile Wahl Trimmer
Wahl Clipper USA Deluxe Corded Chrome Pro Kit
  • Heavy Duty Motor – Our ultra-power heavy duty hair trimming system easily cuts the thickest hair with 35 percent more power than standard Wahl electromagnetic motor clippers, This results in a very strong audible hum, but is completely normal to its operation. Don’t settle for a weak clipper!
  • Self-Sharpening Blades – Wahl’s precision self-sharpening precision blades stay sharp longer and continuously sharpen over time; oil between every few haircuts to increase the longevity of your electric clipper motor & blades
  • Adjustable Taper Lever – Easily change the closeness of your cut between guide comb lengths, move the lever up for the closest cut & move it down for a longer cut; allows for easy transitioning of blending & fading
Model: 79524-5201M
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  • Mini trimmer included
  • Useful attachment combs
  • Adjustable taper level
  • PowerDrive motor
  • Self-sharpening blades


  • Trimmer batteries not included
  • No hard-shell case

Most kits feature a couple of trim guards, with 12 being an impressive amount. The Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Complete Kit comes with a whopping 14 guards, and when you combine those guards with the adjustable taper lever, you’re really only bound by your own skill—you can create as many looks, from delicate trims to full-on head-shaving—as you’re able to execute. 14 guards is a LOT, and it gives you a lot of freedom. 

That’s great, and with the model’s other features—namely, slanted ear tapers and eyebrow and ear guides—you can do just about anything a professional barber can. The mini trimmer is another great tool, and we love, love, love that it’s not attached to the clipper itself. Trimmers that are attached to the clipper are good, but they’re never as good as a stand-alone model made specific for trimming. So that’s EXCELLENT.

All of these aspects make the kit a great option for men looking for an all-in-one kit for their grooming needs. Not only does the included trimmer help you style your hair a bit more creatively, but it lets you trim facial hair such as your beard and sideburns to match your hair (just don’t forget to buy batteries for the trimmer). It can also be a great balding clipper, if you’ve decided to embrace the fully-bald look. 

The only thing that disappoints us—and we’re truly disappointed by it!—is that the model doesn’t feature a hard case. Hard cases truly protect the device and help you keep it organized, and they’re much better if you’re going to be using the clippers on groups of people, like your family or friends. It’s not the worst thing in the world, and you can obviously use this model for whatever you like, but we think Wahl made a slight misstep by not packaging all this in a protective carrier. Come on, Wahl! Don’t be stingy. No need for that.  

So there’s that, but the most important part of a clipper—the motor—is very sturdy. With Wahl’s new PowerDrive technology, the electromagnetic motor is designed to keep the self-sharpening blades moving smoothly through hair. That can make it easier to give haircuts to others, but also to yourself, because a strong motor results in fewer snags and pulls.

All in all, we think this is a great option if you’re looking for a wide range of looks.

The Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting and Trimming Kit: No Fuss, No Muss (Or Maybe Just a Little Muss)

Summary: This Wahl Clipper Kit makes cutting your hair at home even more convenient thanks to corded or cordless dual use and detachable blades that make cleanup less of a hassle. Those features also make it a great option for travel.

Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting & Trimming Kit for Heads, Longer Beards, & All Body Grooming - Model 79434

Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting & Trimming Kit for Heads, Longer Beards, & All Body Grooming – Model 79434*

  • Long Run Time – These clippers feature convenient cord/cordless use options with 60 minutes of cordless run time. Long-lasting easy-to-clean stainless-steel precision blades enable no-snag cutting.
  • A Smooth Cut Every Time – Powerful, long lasting, rechargeable battery and self-sharpening steel blades that stay sharp longer and are removeable for easy cleaning
  • The Perfect Grooming Kit – Including 12 attachment guards for home hair cutting & trimming with everything you need to achieve the style you want
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Pros: 60-minute cordless use; works plugged in; durable attachment guards; detachable blades; worldwide voltage

Cons: long charging time; no taper adjustment; limited accessories

We had to include the Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting and Trimming Kit on our list because it’s a great example of the benefits of a dual cord/cordless model. With 60 minutes of cordless running time, you can cut your own hair (and probably another person or two) without having to recharge. This gives you more options for the location of the cuts you give—including outside, where cleanup is a lot easier. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about it dying in the middle of a haircut because, worse comes to worst, you can plug it in and still use it unlike many clippers out there.

Though tougher, the selection of attachment guards on this model is more limited, and there’s no adjustable taper lever. Still, it’s great for basic haircuts and makes cleanup a LOT easier thanks to the removable, washable blades. In other words, this is a good option for someone looking for maximum convenience, a big plus of cutting your hair at home in the first place.

Also, if you’re looking for convenience because you travel a lot and are always on the run, this is also a good choice because it has worldwide voltage. You can plug it in in the US, Europe, Asia, etc. without having to worry about damaging the motor or battery. This is our pick for best rechargeable Wahl clippers—Wahl does a good job when it comes to batteries, but these seem to do well when it counts. 

This isn’t the fanciest model on our list, but it’s very capable, and if you’re looking for a clean option that can deliver a range of cuts (and hit the road with you when you want to get away), this is the one we’d suggest. It’s also our pick for best cordless Wahl clippers: there’s really not much disparity between clipper strength when they’re plugged in vs. when they’re not plugged in, and that’s fantastic. If you’re looking for an at-home set of cordless Wahl clippers, these are the ones we’d recommend. 

Best Wahl Clippers for Barbers and Professional Use

These are our suggestions for barbers and other professionals. Keep in mind, you don’t need to be a professional to use these—you can absolutely get them and use them at home if you want—these are simply the models that can meet the needs of professional haircutters and barbers. First up:

The Wahl Clipper Pro Series Platinum Haircutting Combo Kit: Got It All

Summary: If you’re looking for a professional-level option that has everything, we’d suggest the Wahl Platinum Haircutting Combo Kit—it’s got a range of color-coded guards, size, combs, a trimmer, all in an easy-to-organize hard case. It can be a great option for traveling professionals.   


Wahl USA Pro Series Platinum Corded Clipper & Corded Trimmer for Home Haircutting with Premium Secure Fit Color Coded Guide Combs – Model 79804-100

Wahl USA Pro Series Platinum Corded Clipper & Corded Trimmer for Home Haircutting with Premium Secure Fit Color Coded Guide Combs – Model 79804-100*

  • All In One Haircutting & Trimming Kit – Wahls most premium at home haircutting kit. Includes a corded clipper and corded trimmer for no snag full power mens grooming.
  • Pro Series Corded Clipper – Includes Wahls best ultra-power no-snag motor that allows for exceptional power, durability, and glides through the thickest hair without snagging or pulling precision ground self-sharpening blades that stay sharper longer, and a super durable XL 8′ braided power cord for increased durability and flexibility during use.
  • Touch Up Trimmer – Corded trimmer provides a constant stream of power perfect for cleaning up around necklines and around ears. Includes 3 guide combs & a 6 position adjustable guide from 1/16” – 1/2″
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Pros: color-coded guards; guard organizer; handled storage case; trimmer included with set; self-sharpening blades; braided 8-foot power cord

Cons: fewer guard lengths

The Wahl Clipper Pro Series Platinum Haircutting Combo Kit is basically everything Wahl offers: it’s their suite of color-coded guards (which are great for beginners, but let’s be real—great for pros, too), scissors, a comb and various brushes, a barber’s cape, a handy draw-string storage pouch, —and— the add-on trimmer that Wahl likes to throw in to its various packages. All excellent, all useful, all good. 

That’s about all you need, but Wahl ties it all together with a hard-case container that helps you organize everything (thank you, Wahl!). All of that makes the model great for just about any professional, but it makes it great for travelers too, and if you make house calls, it can be a nice match for your needs.

As usual, though, we’ve left out the most impressive aspect of this package, the Wahl Ultra-Power No-Snag Motor. The real reason Wahl has been around for so many years is because they make “little engines that could,” if you will, and the motor in the Pro Series Platinum is our favorite aspect of the package—it’s powerful enough to deliver great haircuts, but also gentle enough to deliver those haircuts without pulling and tugging on hair. There’s some skill involved, for sure, but in the right hands, the Pro Series Platinum can provide a very gentle haircut (and that can make it a great option for using with older gentleman, too).

The only bummer about the set is that it’s got 12 guards, instead of 14, but with an adjustable taper lever, that’s not the worst thing in the world—with the adjustable lever, those 12 guards can be adjustable to at least twice that number of lengths. So really, that adjustable level allows many more lengths than just the guards can provide, and that’s great. 

We’re big fans of this one. It’s great for pros in a barbershop and traveling pros, and but it can also be a great kit for families, if you’re willing to opt for a more “deluxe” version.

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip Set: Great for Fades

Summary: If you’re a professional barber or hairdresser and want to give your clients textured cuts with soft and hard-line fades, the Magic Clip Set is one of the best professional Wahl clippers out there, with some great advanced features. This is our pick for best Wahl clippers overall.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip Hair Clipper with 100+ Minute Run Time for Professional Barbers and Stylists

Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip Hair Clipper with 100+ Minute Run Time for Professional Barbers and Stylists*

  • Wahl’s Magic Clip uses our patented stagger-tooth blade and is designed for creating seamless blends and textures when hard or soft line fading and bulk hair removal with the freedom of a cordless clipper; the world’s best-selling professional clipper!
  • The Magic Clip wireless clipper makes a crisp, crunch sound allowing the barber or stylist to know hair is being cut resulting in a polished, finished look. Comes with a durable housing that is lightweight and ideal for all-day professional use
  • The American-made Cordless Magic Clip comes with 8 attachment comb cutting guides (1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, and 1”), recharging transformer, cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, and operating instructions
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Pros: stagger tooth blades; crunch technology; hanging loop; lightweight; durable casing; corded or cordless use; 100-minute battery life

Cons: difference in power between corded and cordless

Of all the Wahl clippers out there, this set—the Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip Set—is our favorite. It’s got an incredible amount of functionality—and we’ll get to that in a moment—but we love that it has an old-school charm to it. It’s handsome in a way that a lot of other models (and specifically, a lot of non-Wahl models) are not. That’s not the most important thing in the world, but we love it.

Anyway. Back to the model itself:

The most important feature of the Magic Clip Set is the advanced stagger-tooth blade with “crunch” technology. This is the feature that sets the model apart and allows it to give a wide range of precise, difficult-to-execute haircuts—it basically blends hair and creates texture, to give the look a professional cut with clippers alone. Combined with the adjustable taper lever, which gives a professional barber the ability to create hard or soft line fades, and you’ve got a very capable model. We’re not sure what “crunch” means, but we like it.

It may seem odd that the model only comes with eight sturdy attachment guards, but that’s actually pretty common for higher-end barber-level clippers, because many barbers don’t need to full suite of trim guards that come with “entry-level” clippers. If those guards are important to you, however, you can mix-and-match the guards with other Wahl guards—just make sure that the sizes match up.

Surprisingly, the model is fairly lightweight, at just 10 ounces. That means you can hold it for longer without getting tired, and it’s easier to manipulate so you can give your clients the most accurate cut. It’s also a lot tougher than other models we’ve seen, with a durable casing that can better handle the demands of a professional salon or barbershop.

Finally, the cord/cordless dual-use design can be great for professionals. Even though you’ll usually have access to an outlet, the battery means you don’t have to worry about accidentally pulling it out of the wall and yanking your client’s hair. Plus, you may need to unplug to trim a particularly difficult angle. The Magic Clip has a lithium battery that runs for up to 100 minutes without a charge, which is REALLY good, as far as clipper batteries go.

This is our favorite Wahl clipper overall, and we’re happy to recommend it.

Alright! There you have it—those are the Wahl clippers we recommend. Wahl is a fantastic company and we’ve got a TON of experience with their clippers, and those are the ones we usually suggest.

There’s a lot here, but if you’d like to learn more about Wahl clippers—and how use select and use them—here you go!


Questions to Ask When Choosing Wahl Clippers

If you’re looking for the best Wahl clippers, you have to consider a lot of different things. One model or another may be the ideal choice depending on your situation and what you need.

What Are You Going to Use Them For?

First of all, you need to think about what you’re going to use the clippers for. Are you a professional barber or just someone who’s watched a few YouTube videos on at-home haircutting and decided to take the plunge? Because Wahl makes such a wide range of clipper models, different ones may work better for your needs.

Cutting Your Own Hair

These days more and more people have decided to try cutting their own hair at home and therefore want to find the best Wahl hair clippers. Even if you’re not an expert, you can give yourself a basic haircut with the right set of clippers.

For simple at-home use, convenience and ease-of-use are probably your biggest concern. Therefore, we recommend looking for features such as:

  • Cordless power
  • Compact storage
  • Easy maintenance

Most Wahl clippers have a long battery life, allowing you to get a full haircut regardless of where the nearest outlet is. This is highly convenient because you can trim your hair in the bathtub, outside, wherever cleanup is easiest. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the cord knocking things over in a cramped apartment.

Similarly, compact storage is a big plus if your living space or bathroom isn’t that big. Specifically, look for a carrying case that allows you to store everything and not worry about losing pieces.

You also want easy maintenance like removable and self-sharpening blades. A kit that comes with blade oil and a brush is a bonus, too, since you don’t have to worry about getting these maintenance products separately (but remember that you can always use alternatives to clipper oil if need be).


Wahl clippers can great for families because you can cut numerous people’s hair in short periods of time. If you’re going to be giving several kids haircuts, they’ll likely want slightly different styles, so versatility should be a priority. Check for features like:

  • Extensive guards and accessories
  • A taper adjustment lever
  • Color coding

With multiple guards, not only can you give your kids more stylish cuts, but you can give different kids different hair styles. Specifically, look for Wahl’s color-coded guards. These make it easy to remember who likes what length and also helps you stay organized.

The taper adjustment lever is good for the same reason. It helps you give your kids more stylish hair designs like fades and blends.

Frequent Travel

If you’re an international businessperson, digital nomad, or other frequent traveler, there are two main features to look for when choosing the right clippers. First, look for a compact carrying case so you can easily pack the clippers in your luggage. Second, check for worldwide voltage so you can plug the clippers in around the globe and still use them.

Professional Use

A salon or barber shop will have different needs than someone getting clippers for personal use. Most importantly, they’ll have to be able to run all day and hold up to a variety of different situations. Specifically, the best professional Wahl clippers will have features like:

  • A durable casing
  • A powerful motor
  • A long cord
  • A hanging loop
  • Self-sharpening blades

A durable casing, such as one made of metal, is much better for the daily demands of a professional haircare establishment. With hours upon hours of use, you’re bound to drop the clippers at some point, and you don’t want them to break. Similarly, you need a powerful motor that won’t give out after taking on thick hair client after client.

Additionally, you want a long cord so you can maneuver back and forth around the barber’s chair without worrying about pulling it taut or getting it caught on something. A tough, braided cord is also a good idea since it will be less likely to wear down after rubbing against things day after day.

Finally, a hanging loop is a big convenience. With a hanging loop, you can hang the clippers up on the wall. This isn’t just good for organization, keeping the clippers easily on hand, but it also helps keep them clean and the blades sharp since they won’t rub against the inside of a drawer or accidentally get wet.

Corded, Cordless, or Dual Use?

Back in the day, you had to plug all clippers into the wall, but modern rechargeable batteries and more efficient motors have led to cordless models. But which is right for you?

Except for in the most advanced models, clippers usually draw more power during corded use. Plus, they don’t face the issue of suddenly running out of juice in the middle of a haircut and needing to be charged. As a result, we usually recommend corded use for professionals.

Cordless clippers, however, have less power, but they’re easier to use and manipulate—making them great for home use. As you can see here, this Wahl model has enough strength to deliver a fine haircut, but it operates without being plugged in:

So you can use corded and cordless clippers, but there’s also a third option: “dual use.” These are the best cordless Wahl clippers because they can be used cordlessly, but if you plug them in, they still run. These are great for just about anyone since they provide the benefits of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about recharging them, but at the same time, you can use them away from an outlet and don’t have to worry about accidentally unplugging them. Lots of professional salon owners and barbers employ dual-use clippers (and we absolutely love them).

Are the Blades Adjustable?

Do you want to create fades or blends with your clippers? In that case, you need adjustable blades. Specifically, look for a taper adjustment lever. This allows you to change how close the blades are cutting to the skin. In some cases, you may even be able to “zero gap” your clippers so that the blades cut right up against the skin. 

Do They Come with Guards and Guide Combs?

Most Wahl clipper kits come with attachable guide combs that you can put over the blades of the clippers. These prevent the blades from cutting below a certain length of hair, allowing you to clip the hair without cutting it off completely. Plus, you can change out the guards to cut hair in different places in different lengths, creating elaborate hairstyles.

Best Wahl Hair Clippers

In some cases, you may even find kits that come with specialized guards such as those for trimming around the ears. For professionals or those who have been cutting hair at home for a long time, these are great and really increase the usefulness of the kit. For beginners, it’s better to stick with the basic guards and not get an extra piece you have to keep track of.

What Kind of Motor Does It Have?

Wahl clippers usually have one of three different kinds of motors: electromagnetic, rotary, or pivot. The majority of models, especially the basic ones, will have an electromagnetic motor because these provide consistent power and high blade speeds while needing little maintenance.

Professional-grade clippers, on the other hand, often have rotary motors. These are tougher and provide more power. Additionally, they sometimes allow you to adjust blade speeds.

Pivot motors don’t allow for super high blade speeds, but they do produce a lot of power. As a result, you’re unlikely to find them on any clipper sets for cutting your hair. They’re usually reserved for animal grooming clippers.

What Are the Blades Made Of?

You may think this is a silly category. After all, aren’t all clipper blades made of metal? Yes, but not all metal is created equal. Specifically, look for clippers with stainless steel blades. These are resistant to corrosion and can often be self-sharpening. While no blade lasts forever, these are more durable and require fewer replacements and less maintenance.

How Much Do They Weigh?

Weight is actually something you should consider carefully when looking for Wahl clippers. Generally speaking, a lighter model is nicer. It’s easier to hold onto and maneuver, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with clippers.

On the other hand, if a set of clippers is heavier, it’s probably more durable. More weight usually reflects a tougher casing. For example, it might be made of metal instead of plastic.

For this reason, we usually recommend lighter clippers for amateur hair cutters and heavier ones for professionals.

What’s the Casing Made of?

Wahl clipper casings are usually made of plastic, metal, or a combination of the two. Metal casings are tougher and help the clippers last longer. Meanwhile plastic is lighter weight and more comfortable to use.

We recommend metal casings for professional barbers and hairdressers because they need their clippers to hold up hour after hour, day after day. For at-home use, though, a plastic casing is probably enough.

What’s the Voltage?

Many people are aware that different countries have different outlet shapes, but fewer know that they actually have different voltages. For instance, while the US grid runs at a voltage of around 120V, Europe runs at around 230V.  The result is that if you plug a set of clippers rated for US voltage into the wall in Europe, it will shoot out of your hand if not break down entirely regardless of whether you’re using an outlet adapter.

Before you settle on a Wahl clipper model, make sure it’s rated for the voltage where you’ll be using it. If you’re a frequent traveler, consider your usual destinations, look up their grid voltages, and see if that particular model will work.

In many cases, you can find a Wahl clipper model with worldwide voltage. In this case, it can handle a range of voltages that includes just about every grid you’re likely to find in your travels. This is a great feature because then you don’t have to worry about it. You can travel between Europe and the US only needing an outlet adapter.

Wahl Clipper FAQs

Before we wrap up, let’s tackle a few of the questions about Wahl clippers that we seem to get again and again:

Can I Send My Wahl Clippers for Repair?

Yes, Wahl can service and repair their clippers and other grooming tools. Even if your clippers aren’t under warranty, you can still send them in. To get a quote for repairs or arrange a repair under warranty, just give them a call at 800-729-9245.

Can I Buy Replacement Blades or Batteries for My Wahl Clippers?

Yes, Wahl sells replacement blades for its clippers. These are easy to find on their website, and you can buy them from third party vendors as well. One nice thing about Wahl is that most blades can be used on most models, which makes getting replacement blades easy. That said, verify that the blades you get will fit on your clippers, especially if you buy from a third party.

Replacement batteries are a bit more complicated, though you can definitely find them, especially from third party vendors. The big problem is making sure that the battery can be removed from your particular model since this isn’t always the case. Additionally, it can be worth it to contact Wahl to make sure replacing the battery won’t void your warranty for your clippers.

Can I Get My Wahl Clipper Blades Sharpened?

Yes, Wahl offers blade sharpening with their repair services. To get a quote and learn how to send in your blades, give Wahl a call at 800-729-9245. Additionally, it’s usually easy to find third parties that can sharpen your blades. However, in many cases it’s simply easier to replace the blades, so keep this option in mind as well.

Can You Use Wahl Clippers on Wet Hair?

Wahl recommends that hair be dry before you cut it with your Wahl clippers. Wet hair is thicker and clumps up, so it can be a lot tougher for the blades to cut through. That isn’t to say the clippers won’t work at all on slightly damp hair, but you should try to dry the hair as much as possible beforehand. And dripping-wet hair? Don’t use your Wahl clippers on it.

Do Wahl Clippers Have a Warranty?

Yes, Wahl clippers come with a warranty. Wahl has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing process over the decades, and they stand behind their products.

However, unlike other brands of clippers, Wahl warranties vary depending on the model. Generally, the best Wahl hair clippers have five-year warranties, but some basic models may only have one- or two-year warranties. You should check before deciding on a model.

The warranty means that Wahl will repair or replace your clippers if they fail to operate satisfactorily within the timeframe of the warranty. Just keep in mind this doesn’t cover modifications to the clippers or “unreasonable use.” Altering your clippers or having an authorized party alter them may potentially void the warranty.

To get information on your warranty or arrange warranty service, call 800-767-9245.

It’s Wahl Good

Oof—“It’s Wahl Good”—that’s awful, even by our standards.

Anyway! We hope there’s something here that helped you. Wahl is a great company, and along with Andis and Oster (and now, BaByliss), they make up much of the clipper market, so it’s worth knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are. If you have any questions, let us know, and until next time—be good, have fun, and happy clipping!

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