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Notable Moments in the History of Men Shaving

You may be thinking to yourself, “Listen, I love shaving. It’s a masculine ritual that I’ve shared with all the men in my lineage going back generations, and it’s an opportunity for me to center myself and prepare for the day ahead. It’s fantastic.” We love that you think that. We think it too. But you might […]

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The Best Shavette: Our Rankings

In the long history of shaving, shavettes—that is, disposable blade straight razors—are fairly new. And while they’re actually very popular—if you’ve ever been to a barber shop and gotten a shave, you’ve experienced a shavette—most guys don’t know too much about them. That’s a shame, because we think they’re fantastic, and there are a lot […]

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The Best Japanese Straight Razors and Kamisoris: Picks

Welcome! In this post, we’re going to discuss Japanese straight razors, aka, “kamisoris.” They’re fascinating blades, and we’ll look at the features that make them unique, their history, and what we believe to be the best Japanese straight razor. Let’s start at the beginning:First of All—What is a Kamisori?You’re probably familiar with Western-style straight razors. […]

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