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The Best Beard Butter: Our Absolute Favorites

We’re not one to play favorites, but it we absolutely had to, we’d admit: beard butter is our #1, absolute, top-tier favorite beard product, and it’s not even close. In terms of itch-relieving potential, beardruff-relieving potential, and just general feel on your skin—hands down, it’s at the top of our list. So here we’ll go over our […]

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Our Wahl Beard Softener Review: Pretty Good!

Wahl is probably best known for their clippers and their beard trimmers (and we review their beard trimmers here!), and they’re actually one of the first companies in the world to make an electric hair clipper that barbers could actually use. Previous prototypes were loud and erratic, and unfortunately, they could be a little bit dangerous(!), […]

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How to Use Beard Butter: A Primer with Pics

There are some aspects of growing and having a beard that are pretty simple. Growing it is kind of a no-brainer, and so is brushing it, and so is washing it. All of that is pretty simple. But some aspects of growing and having a beard are a little more tricky—and using all the oddly-named beard […]

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When to Use Beard Butter and How Much of It to Use

Beard butter is one of our favorite products, not only because it smells great, but because it can do a great job relieving beard itch and beardruff. It’s not very well-known, though, and that’s a shame, because it can perform in ways that many other beard products—namely, beard oils and beard balms—cannot. Why is that, you […]

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