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What is Beard Butter, Anyway? And What Does It Do?

When we started this website and decided we’d talk about beards and shaving, we didn’t realize how. many. posts. we’d have to write describing the differences between beard products. Beard products—which should be pretty simple to understand—are actually really confusing, because there are dozens of them, and their names never really seem to describe what they […]

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Our Every Man Jack Beard Butter Review

Beard butters are kind of a “niche” product—most guys seem to use beard oil or beard balm, but butters get overlooked. That’s a shame, because they’re one of the best ways to moisturize a dry and tangled beard. They’re usually chock full of ingredients that adhere to a beard—and the skin beneath it—and permeate it […]

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Our Live Bearded Beard Butter Review

Usually, we don’t like bossy product names telling us what to do, but “Live Bearded” is an exception, because that’s a commandment we live by anyway, and we’re actually big fans of this company. They have some really unique offerings—which is difficult to do in the world of beard products—and here we’ll look at their […]

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Our Maestro’s Beard Butter Review

Here, we’ll discuss Maestro’s Beard Butter. Does it deserve the name “Maestro”? Is it any good? Or is it a failure, undeserving of praise, to be shunned and forgotten? Here, we’ll take a look. There’s a lot we like about it, and maybe one or two things we hope the Maestro works on. We’ll start with an […]

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