Hello! Welcome to Rough and Tumble Gentleman. We are, bar none, the best site on the internet when it comes to shaving, grooming, and every other topic we write about. Honestly, it's not even close.

We're kidding, of course. There are some mega-sites devoted to shaving and grooming and men's fashion, and we're more of the "scrappy new-comer" who wants to shake things up and make something new and unique and enjoyable.

There are a bunch of us here who write about beards, shaving, and style, and the two of us who do most of the work are:

Matthew: Editorial Director. If you have an idea for a post or a collaboration, you can contact Matt at matthew <at> roughandtumblegentleman <dot> com, and

Michael: Managing Editor. For press inquiries or questions about specific posts, contact Mike at michael <at> roughandtumblegentleman <dot> com.

Here's what we write about most often: 

Shaving. This is one of our passions, and we've got a lot of content about it: product reviews, tutorials about wet shaving and dry shaving, and guides. We've got a lot of posts for new shavers ("Different Types of Razors"), strategy ("Shaving Routine: Beginning to End"), and tips on how to be green ("How to Recycle Razor Blades). If you have *any* suggestions on shaving content you'd like to see, jump over to our "Contact" page—we love writing about shaving, and we're all ears.

Beards. You don't need to have a beard to be a man, but it doesn't hurt. We've got a range of posts on how to grow a beard, how to shape and trim a beard, and how to maintain a beard once you've got it. We also have a long list of beard styles you can adopt that can work for your face shape and features.

Skin Care. A friend of ours was recently complaining that the only place he could find decent help on how to take care of his skin was on women's beauty sites. We'd like to change that, so we've written a ton of posts about skin care, skin care products, and best practices. Check out: "Skin Disorders to Look Out For" and "Skin Care Tips for Men."

Commentaries / Op-Eds. We loooove writing product reviews and tutorials, but it's a lot of fun to branch out a little. After all, what good is a shaving site, if you can't write about the issues that men are interested in? Check out: "Ten Reasons Your Beard Is Disgusting" and "Three Things I Learned From My Barber."  

Advice and Guidance for Men. A lot of shaving and grooming sites are pretty heavy on the product reviews ("BUY THIS!") and pretty light on anything of substance—anything that actually helps someone be their best person and navigate their life. We'd like to create a community where men can share what they've learned—a place where guys can relate their experiences as a way to help others. Take a look at "10 Mistakes I'd Make Again" and "How to Choose a Good Barber."

There are a lot of men's shaving and men's grooming sites out there, but we wanted to make something unique—something that embraced our love of style and fashion, but also branches out into other areas. If you've got a suggestion for the site, or a topic you'd like us to write about, hop over to our Contact Page—we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun and be good.