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Wet Shaving Basics:

What is Wet Shaving? A Quick Description

Welcome to Rough and Tumble Gentleman! This is our "Intro to Wet Shaving" post. Below, we'll talk about what wet shaving actually

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Why We Love Wet Shaving: Our List

We love wet shaving, but maybe we're biased: after all, we created and dedicated an entire website to wet shaving and wet

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Your First Time Wet Shaving: What to Expect

It's funny—there is a LOT of material on the internet about shaving, and probably thousands of instructional shaving videos, but there aren't

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The Ultimate Guide to Wet Shaving, Beginning to End

Welcome! In this post, we're going to provide an in-depth guide to wet shaving technique. In it, we'll describe every step of

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How to Shave / Shaving Basics:

How to Recycle Razor Blades

Razor blades: pretty much every adult, man and woman alike, uses them. But where do you put them after you’re done? Can

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Different Types of Razors: A Complete Guide

Welcome! In this post, we'll be discussing the different types of razors you can use to shave your face. Many men—particularly those

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Eleven Shaving Mistakes Men Make

If you’ve been shaving for a few years, it probably seems like you’ve got your routine down: you know what you’re doing,

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Our Beard Checklist: Make Sure You’ve Done All This, and Then You’re Good to Go

If you’ve had a beard for a couple years, you know your personal routine forward and backwards, and chances are, you can

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Lifestyle / Op-Eds / Mildly Humorous:

No Love for Beard Haters

It's an odd thing: it's considered very impolite to criticize someone's looks, or their personal style, or any of their fashion choices

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Notable Moments in the History of Men Shaving

You may be thinking to yourself, “Listen, I love shaving. It’s a masculine ritual that I’ve shared with all the men in

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The Weird and Wonderful Benefits of Having a Mustache

We’ve all seen beards gain widespread acceptance. What was once an odd option reserved for biker gangs, finicky college professors, and nomadic

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Beard Benefits: Why Growing Your Facial Hair Can Be a Great Idea

Welcome to Rough and Tumble Gentleman! Today we’re talking about BEARDS, and why we love them.We’ll start with… well, let’s start with

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Interviews with Persons of Interest:

The Mecca of Wet Shaving: An Interview with Brad of Maggard Razors

We're very excited about today's interview with Brad of Maggard Razors, not only because we’re big fans of the company—and we most

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Wet-Shaving Re-Imagined: An Interview About Creativity and Process with Kate and Brad of The Copper Hat

You might imagine that the parameters of traditional wet shaving have all been explored, and that the very appeal of wet shaving

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Ethical, Organic, and Excellent: Our Discussion with Rayner, Owner of TICO* Shaving Oil

We'll start here: it's DIFFICULT to make an ethical product from high-quality materials. You wouldn’t think that’s the case, but it’s true:

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An In-Depth Interview with Stan, Owner of Above the Tie

There are a LOT of online retailers when it comes to wet shaving, but there are only a few we can recommend

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