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Shaving Tips for Guys in Their 60s and 70s

You might think it odd that we’re writing this post, because—let’s face it, if you’re 60 or older, chances are you’ve been shaving for quite a while! Why on earth would you need to read up on how to shave, when you’ve been doing it for… oh, four or five decades at this point? Chances […]

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Shaving Against the Grain: A How-To Guide

Have you ever shaved against the grain? If you have, chances are you’ve gotten a very close shave—followed by some truly irritated skin. There’s a right way to do it, and there’s a wrong way—and if your skin is red and painful when you’re done, chances are you’ve done it incorrectly. So here we’ll do a deep […]

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Shaving with Cold Water: A Primer

The majority of men shave with warm water, and why wouldn’t they? Warm water feels fantastic, and it’s a comforting, calming way to start your day. The idea of shaving with cold water seems a little nutty, and honestly, a little unpleasant. For some guys, though, it actually works way better than shaving with warm water. Warm […]

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Eleven Shaving Mistakes Men Make

If you’ve been shaving for a few years, it probably seems like you’ve got your routine down: you know what you’re doing, and can do it almost instinctually. You’ve honed your process over thousands of shaves, and you’ve got it down pat. It’s perfect. You’d be surprised, though—we get a lot of emails from guys, many […]

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