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How to Use a Beard Brush: Steps, Pics, Snark

So, we’re going to be very upfront about this: there’s really not much to brushing your beard. Whatever your instincts are on how to use a beard brush, well… they’re probably accurate. That said, we’ve been known to screw up just about anything, so we appreciate the need for guided instructions. Here, we’ll give you a detailed […]

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Beard Brush vs. Comb: Which One Do You Need (with Pics)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering about the difference between a beard brush and a beard comb. That’s not surprising, really—most guys don’t know the difference between those two items. What’s funny is that most guys don’t even know the difference between a regular, for-your-head brush and comb, never mind a beard brush and beard […]

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Viking Revolution Beard Comb Review

You might imagine that a beard comb is a beard comb—that as long as you can run it through your beard without tearing the whiskers out of your face, it’s a quality product, right? Sadly, no! Believe it or not, there are a lot of terrible combs out there, and you’d be amazed at how lousy […]

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The Best Beard Comb for Style and Shape

Beard combs! They’re the “settle down, son” of beard tools, and they help untangled knots, provide some shape and form to your facial hair, and help distribute grooming products (like balm and wax) evenly throughout your whiskers. They’re a fantastic tool, and the well-made ones can be little works of art. In this post, we’ll provide […]

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