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Beard Resources for Men

Gather round ye bearded gentleman, because we have some interesting resources to share with you! We’ve got a lot to say about beards, beard products, and beard care here at Rough and Tumble Gentleman, and we think we’re in great company. Whether you already have a full, impressive beard or you’re still in the process of […]

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Shaving Resources for Men

Our goal at Rough and Tumble Gentleman is to be your best resource for all things wet shaving, but we know that one website is never enough. Men who take shaving seriously love to research and learn about this fascinating technique, so there’s no such thing as too much knowledge. To help you expand your […]

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72 Odd and Interesting Hobbies for Men, from Blacksmithing to Quidditch-ing to Axe-Throwing to Sourdough Baking to…

Ever hear that old term, “the spice of life”? People don’t say it too much anymore, but it’s a fantastic phrase—it basically refers to anything that makes your life fuller, richer, and more enjoyable. And, let’s be honest with ourselves… after the last couple of years, many of us would like to experience fuller, richer, and […]

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