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What is Beard Butter, Anyway? And What Does It Do?

When we started this website and decided we’d talk about beards and shaving, we didn’t realize how. many. posts. we’d have to write describing the differences between beard products. Beard products—which should be pretty simple to understand—are actually really confusing, because there are dozens of them, and their names never really seem to describe what they […]

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Our Bulldog Beard Balm Review

Beard products can be a little overwhelming: not only are there a lot of them—you’ve got beard oils, beard balms, beard jellies, and so on—but they’re all a little confusing, and even after you’ve figured them all out, many of them are not what they seem when you actually use them. Here we’ll discuss Bulldog Beard […]

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Beard Oil Before and After Pics on Two Beards

If you’re new to wearing a beard—or you’ve simply got an inquiring mind and like to know things—you may be wondering: what does beard oil do to a beard? Well, friend, your wait is over, and here it is: our beard oil before and after pics. Below, we’ll use one of our premiere beard models to show […]

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Our Cremo Beard Oil Review

Before we jump into our Cremo Beard Oil review, we should start with an observation. We’re big fans of company slogans—you know, the little tagline that comes after a company name. Some are iconic (like Nike’s “Just Do It”), some make big promises (like Red Bull’s “Red Bull Gives You Wings”), and some are downright boastful […]

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