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The Best Clippers for Fades Battle It Out. Who Wins?

We’ve been hearing that fades are having a comeback, and that’s odd, because we don’t think they ever really went anywhere. A well-cut fade is timeless, and if you look back on any era in history, you’ll see athletes, actors, and musicians sporting the fade. It never went anywhere, really. What does change, however, is the […]

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Andis vs Wahl Clippers: The Ultimate Barber Showdown

Andis and Wahl are both two of the most prominent and preferred brands for hair clippers. Both have long histories during which the companies have improved their products and developed a number of models fitting for different situations. In general, when it comes to Andis vs Wahl, we’ve found they both make models that are good […]

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The Best Shaving Brush for a Thick Gorgeous Lather

When we talk about safety-razor and straight-razor shaving, most often we’re talking about razor-sharp blades which provide a fantastically close shave, but are, by their design, fantastically dangerous and deadly.   Sometimes it’s nice to think about the softer, more luxurious side of things—and when it comes to wet shaving, that would be shaving soaps and […]

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