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The Best Adjustable Safety Razor: Our Picks

Welcome! In this post, we’ll discuss adjustable safety razors. We’ll start with our favorite models, and then, if you’re new to adjustables, we’ll detail what they are, why they’re fantastic, and why you may want to use them. Hopefully somewhere in here, we’ll be able to find the best adjustable safety razor for your morning […]

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The Best Smelling Aftershave: Breathe Deep and Enjoy

Finding your favorite aftershave scent (or scents!) can take a while—there are a lot of options out there, and many of them are kind of mysterious until you experience them for yourself.  To make things clearer, we’ll go over our favorite aftershaves (along with two of our picks for best smelling aftershave overall), and detail some […]

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What’s the Best Rotary Shaver? Our Top Picks

Welcome to Rough and Tumble! In the post below, we’ve got a full discussion about rotary shavers. We’ll start with a quick overview of our picks, provide a brief buying guide if you’ve never bought one before, and then we’ll provide our rotary shaver reviews (including our pick for the best rotary shaver overall). If you’d […]

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