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The Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Top Picks for Men

For many men, shaving is a calm, centering routine that feels great. It’s a tranquil ritual that’s relaxing, introspecting, and pleasant. For some of us, though—those of us who experience razor burn, or rash, or inflammation from shaving—the routine is kind of torturous. Nicks, cuts, bumps—for those of us who come away from a shave anticipating […]

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The Best Shavette: Our Rankings

In the long history of shaving, shavettes—that is, disposable blade straight razors—are fairly new. And while they’re actually very popular—if you’ve ever been to a barber shop and gotten a shave, you’ve experienced a shavette—most guys don’t know too much about them. That’s a shame, because we think they’re fantastic, and there are a lot […]

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The Best Open Comb Razor: Our Favorite Options

We’ve long thought that open comb safety razors are the “next level” for new wet shavers: you start out with a nice, mild straight-bar safety razor, and once you get the hang of it and want something more aggressive, you move on to open combs. They’re fantastic tools that offer an incredibly close shave, but […]

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What’s the Most Aggressive Safety Razor?

When you’re new to wet shaving, a mild, non-aggressive safety razor is a great place to start. It’ll allow you to get a feel for wet shaving, practice your technique, and reliably get a nice, close shave. But once you’ve gotten the hang of things—you’ve gotten your technique down, you know the products you like to […]

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