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Our Picks for the Best Beard Balm, Ranked by Category

Looking for a beard balm that can make your beard bushy, shiny, and health-looking? One that can  hydrate your skin, and maybe even clear up some beardruff? Welcome—you’re in the right place. We’ve tested dozens of different beard balms, took a ridiculous amount of notes, and come up with the following data. Here are our picks […]

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Our Rocky Mountain Barber Beard Balm Review

Fun fact: Did you know the Rocky Mountains are home to a supervolcano? Not just a volcano, but a supervolcano? And did you know the Rocky Mountains include dry, hot desert? And that the range itself contains more than 100 separate mountain ranges? It’s pretty fascinating, and in the post below, we’ll talk about literally none […]

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Our Smooth Viking Beard Balm Review

Of the many beard products that have “Viking” in their name—and there are many, many beard products that have “Viking” in their name—Smooth Viking is one of our favorites, and their beard balm is actually a pretty unique product. They’ve made some pretty interesting choices when it comes to the formulation, and there are a […]

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