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Best Wahl Beard Trimmer

The Best Wahl Beard Trimmer: Which “Wahl” It Be?

When Leo J. Wahl invented the “electromagnetic hair clipper” in 1919, he revolutionized the way men groom themselves—and in a sense, most of the hair and beard styles we’ve seen in the last hundred years are because of Leo J. Wahl and his weird little invention.

While the design of his trimmers has changed dramatically in the last century—the first few models were not the safest things in the world!—Wahl has become one of the biggest names in beard trimmers and clippers, and there are seven models that meet our standard for “best Wahl beard trimmers,” each with a different strength, with one “best overall.”

Ready? Let’s dive in:

Quick Picks: Our Favorite Wahl Beard Trimmers

Here you go—quick summaries of the top Wahl Beard Trimmers. We’ll get into the details below.

Best Wahl Beard Trimmer Overall: The Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Beard and Nose Rechargeable Trimmer—good for beards of all thicknesses and textures, and capable of providing whatever look you can make, this is a high-performing beard trimmer, and our top pick

Most Iconic Wahl Beard Trimmer: The Wahl Professional Peanut Hair and Beard Clipper Trimmer—the Peanut is one of Wahl’s most popular models thanks to its compact size and professional-grade power, and is great for professional or at-home use

Best “Just-the-Basics” Wahl Trimmer: The Wahl Groomsman Battery Operated Beard Trimming Kit—a capable, “no-frills” beard trimmer that’s easy to use and uncomplicated

Best Wahl Trimmer for Guys Who Hate a Mess: The Wahl Vacuum Trimmer Kit—with a vacuum literally built into the trimmer, we recommend this model for guys who hate a messy countertop (or for guys who hate cleaning up!)

Best Wahl Trimmer for Beginners: The Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer—with a few (but not too many) helpful add-ons and tools, we think this is a great model to learn the ropes

Best Multi-Use for Beard and Hair / Best for Thick Beards: The Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Beard and Hair Clipping and Trimming Kit—with extra power, this corded clipper set can cut through thick beards and head hair alike, and it can be a great option if you cut hair for other people, and

Best Battery / Best Wahl Trimmer for Travel: The Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer—our recommendation for frequent travelers and international businessmen due to its long battery life. Very handsome—it looks good in a bathroom.

The Best Beard Trimmers Made by Wahl: Our In-Depth Reviews

Alrighty—here are the in-depth Wahl beard trimmer reviews we promised:

The Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Beard and Nose Rechargeable Trimmer

Summary: With cutting edge design, including lightning-fast charging and durable stainless steel construction, this is our “Best All-Around” pick that can give you a quick trim or help you execute specific looks and angles.


  • Fast charging
  • Long battery life
  • Tough stainless steel construction
  • 7 guide combs
  • 3 interchangeable heads
  • Included soft-shell case


  • Not a great pick if you’re looking for a “no frills” model

The Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Beard and Nose Rechargeable Trimmer is perhaps the best in Wahls’ line of clippers and trimmers, and right off the bat, the first thing we love about it is the JUICE: it charges faster and more securely than previous models, and you can get SIX full hours of use for just a single hour of charge. That’s fantastic, and if you wake up late for work one morning and find it dead, you can get a quick three-minute shave with just a one-minute charge. That’s hard to beat.

Wahl also improved the quality and construction of this model. The sturdy stainless steel design has the potential to last years, and the rotary motor squeezes more power out of the battery for a faster and more comfortable shave. You can trim even a thick beard without having to pass over the same spot time and time again, which is wonderful—that means you spend less time grooming yourself in the morning, and it means you can elongate the life of the shaver—but most importantly, it means you’re less likely to yank your hairs and cause razor burn.

And that’s our favorite aspect of the model, really: In fact, we love how smooth of a trim you can get. The stainless steel T-blade, combined with any of the seven guide combs, is really all you need to get whatever look you’re going for. You can then detail your freshly trimmed beard with the precision detailer and even cut your nose hairs with the ear-and-nose trimmer.

Lastly, we like that you don’t have to worry about storage. The whole kit fits into an included soft-shell case. This way you can keep track of the many accessories and even take them all with you when you travel.

This is our favorite of the Wahl beard trimmers, and it’s the one we recommend to just about anyone with a beard.

The Wahl Professional Peanut Hair and Beard Clipper Trimmer

Summary: The Wahl Professional Peanut Hair and Beard Clipper Trimmer is a professional-grade trimmer in a conveniently compact device, and it’s great for at-home use, barbershop use, or on friends/family members. Plus it’s shaped like a peanut, and that’s fantastic.


  • Professional design
  • Compact size
  • Powerful rotary motor
  • 4 attachment combs
  • Easily detachable blades


  • Hard to hold for very big hands
  • Corded

The Wahl Professional Peanut Hair and Beard Clipper Trimmer is one of Wahl’s most popular products, and that’s probably because its fans span two very large groups: 1) professional barbers and hair stylists, and 2) home users. Usually clippers and trimmers are good for one group or the other and not both, so Wahl must be VERY happy about that.

It’s not a surprise, though, that’s it got such a huge fan base—it’s a great little trimmer! The Peanut itself comes with four attachment combs that have different lengths, as well as the oil and cleaning brush you’ll need to maintain it, and the blades themselves are conveniently detachable, making cleaning and maintenance a lot easier than it used to be on previous models (and it used to be a PAIN). All good so far.

The real draw to the Peanut, however, is that it has impressive power for its small size (and that’s partly because you have to plug it in to use it, which a lot of home users don’t like). While this also means you can’t recharge it and have to have an outlet nearby, the power gives you a more consistent trim that’s also more comfortable because the blades are less likely to catch and pull hairs.

The small size makes it maneuverable, though, and that’s one of its biggest strengths. Just a few inches long and weighing only a quarter of a pound, you can hold and manipulate the Peanut with just a couple fingers, and you can hit your beard at specific angles to make professional looking fades and trims. Plus, it’s easier to store away without taking up precious space in your bathroom cupboard. Just know that if you have big hands, you might find it a bit harder to get a grip on.

The Wahl Groomsman Battery Operated Beard Trimming Kit

Summary: If you hate reading instruction manuals, this is our recommendation—it’s easy to assemble, easy to use, and uncomplicated, and it’s got everything you need to trim a beard.


  • 10 trimming lengths
  • Cordless
  • Ergonomic grip
  • High-carbon blades


  • Non-rechargeable
  • Loud

We’ve reviewed a LOT of beard trimmers, hair clippers, and face shavers over the years, and we can tell you: there are some really, really fancy models out there. There are features and add-ons galore, and there are even electric shavers that literally read the surface of your face and adjust their performance based on your cranial landscape.

And… that’s really neat and all, but does everybody need that?

If your answer is “No,” then we might recommend the Wahl Groomsman Battery Operated Beard Shaver. It’s a no-frills shaver that can get you a capable trim. No fuss, no muss, just trim and be on your way.

Of course, that isn’t to say the Groomsman doesn’t have any features at all! It’s 10 trimming lengths, thanks to an adjustable guard with six positions and three different stubble combs, and that lets you not just trim your beard, but style it into specific shapes.

It does lack one “frill” that some guys miss: it’s not rechargeable. That’s not the worst thing in the world, and all you’ll need are two AA batteries to get her going, but a lot of guys hate messing with batteries (or, more specifically, hate having to replace batteries). It is cordless, though, and there are a lot of guys who like that.

There’s also a lot less noise cancelation than with other Wahl models as well, so it’s a better choice for guys who live alone or don’t need to worry about waking anyone up (and we think that’s why they went with the name “Groomsman”).

If you don’t mind a little bit of noise and you’re looking for a simple, get ‘er done model, this is the one we usually recommend. It’s great for simple trims and stubble cuts (and you can read here if you’re looking for a model designed specifically for stubble trimmers).

The Wahl Vacuum Trimmer Kit

Summary: We absolutely adore any electric shaver device that has a vacuum on it (and you can read our vacuum beard trimmer reviews here), and as you’d imagine, we’re big fans of this model!


  • 10 trim guards
  • 90 minutes of run time (which is OK, not great)
  • Nose/ear trimmer


  • Doesn’t catch all the hairs
  • Need to tap the model out after every couple of uses

It’s probably first important to mention that the Wahl Vacuum Trimmer Kit is, first and foremost, a very capable beard trimmer: it’s got a powerful motor, the kind Wahl are famous for; it’s got an above average (but not great) battery that gets 90 minutes of run-time on 90 minutes of charge; and it comes with an extensive trimmer kit, that features 10 trim guards, a nose/ear attachment, and a handsome little travel case. All that’s great, and all that is what we expect from Wahl.

The thing we love, love, LOVE about this model is that it literally sucks up the bristles and whiskers that the trimmer chops off your face. It vacuums them right up! As you are trimming. How great is that??

So if you hate seeing all those hairs collect in your sink as you tidy your beard, this is the model we recommend—it collects all those loose whiskers in a compartment on the trimmer, and you simply tap it into the waste bin when the compartment fills up. Wallah. No fuss, very little muss.

For all our enthusiasm, we need to tell you that it’s not perfect—there will still be a few stray hairs that the vacuum doesn’t catch, and the compartment in the model itself is pretty small, so you’ll need to tap it out after every trim (or thereabouts)—but all in all, we think it’s an absolutely grand design, and we wish all our personal grooming tools had vacuums on them.

So, if you’re the kind of guy who likes to have a little bit of the clean-up done for you—and we are very much the kind of guys who like to have the clean-up done for us—this is the model we suggest. LOVE it.

The Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Summary: We think this is a great value kit, and it can be a great option if you’re new to having a beard / new to trimming your own beard: it’s got all the tools you’ll need, but not TOO many—and that’s great, because TOO many tools can be a bit overwhelming.


  • Rechargeable
  • 14 cutting lengths
  • Included accessories
  • Travel lock
  • Self-sharpening blades


  • Nickel battery
  • Low battery life
  • Loud

The Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer is like the Groomsman model in that it’s got fewer bells and whistles than many of the other Wahl models, but it’s a step up in terms of performance and durability. Because of that, and because we found it easy to use and easy get the hang of, we think it’s the best Wahl beard trimmer for beginners.

This is one of those models that “punches above its weight.” It comes with a rechargeable battery, so that you don’t have to worry about replacing anything (and you might remember that our main gripe with the Groomsman was that it didn’t have a rechargeable battery). Along with the rechargeable design, this Wahl trimmer has more cutting lengths than the Groomsman (14 in total), so if you want to create more detailed styles and make your beard or mustache stand out at work or school, this trimmer can be a good option.

Plus, the model features a nose and ear trimmer, so you can remove some of those less-than-desirable hairs that plague us all as we get older. Ear- and nose-hair may not be such an issue for younger guys, but time and tide wait for no man, and sooner or later we all need to do some nasal trimming and hairs-in-the-ear-canal removing. We VERY much appreciate when a model comes with those accessories.

Speaking of accessories, it’s also got a cleaning brush, trimming comb, and a stand that keeps the blades clean, dry, and therefore sharper. Those are all *really* nice add-ons for a mid-range beard trimmer.

It’s not perfect, though, and like the Groomsman, the model is a little bit loud—it has the same motor and basic design, so it’s not one of the quieter models we’ve seen. We should also mention that the battery uses the older nickel battery rather than lithium ion battery, which means it doesn’t hold its capacity as well and only lasts about 60 minutes, but—and this is actually really great—the model has an LED indicator, which can tell you how much juice it has left. That’s a nice little perk that models in this range don’t usually have.

The last thing we like about this Wahl trimmer is the travel lock, also indicated by the LED indicator. Basically, this keeps the trimmer from starting up in your suitcase, which is very annoying when it happens—you show up to your location, only to find your trimmer dead as a doornail, because it’s been running all afternoon in your bag. We’re big fans of that travel lock, and we’re not sure why more trimmers don’t feature them.

All in all, we think this is a great model if you’re looking for a well-made trimmer to start out on.

The Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Beard and Hair Clipping and Trimming Kit

Summary: If you’re looking for a tool that can trim your beard AND cut your hair, this is the model we’d suggest. It has the power and accessories to cut through thick hair with style and consistency, and it can be great for families/friends/etc.


  • Powerdrive heavy duty motor
  • 7-foot cord
  • Full clipper kit with accessories
  • Included mini trimmer
  • Adjustable
  • Soft-shell carrying case


  • Non-rechargeable
  • Heavy and bulky
  • AA batteries not included

We’re BIG fans of multi-tools, because after all, why buy a device that can do ONE thing, when you can buy a similar device that does TWO things? The Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Beard and Hair Clipping and Trimming Kit is that kind of device, and because it’s got a little extra oomph, it’s great for beards AND head hair.

First, the hair: most beard trimmers aren’t strong enough to cut through head-hair, but the Deluxe Chrome Pro is capable of providing 35% more power than most rechargeable Wahl devices, making it powerful enough to the thick hair that can grow on your head. It comes with plenty of styling options—10 attachment combs, styling combs, scissors, and ear trim guide—and while you will need an outlet handy, but it’s got a seven-foot cord, so you’ve got a little room to roam (and, by the way, we’ve got plenty for you to read if you’re looking for a trimmer without a cord).

So that extra “oomph” makes it strong enough to cut hair—but it’s also why it’s a great option for beards: if you’ve got a thick, mountain-man beard, the Deluxe Chrome Pro can be a great option to hack through that steel wool on your face. Most of us have thin- to medium-thickness beards, but there are some guys out there with *seriously* thick facial hair, and a power-tool like this one can be a great option.

And, like many multi-use tools, it’s designed for quick-switches between features. The Deluxe Chrome Pro has an adjustable taper lever that lets you change the length of the cut even while using the same guide comb, and that allows you to create blends and fades for really unique styles—both on your head and on your face.

It’s not without its faults, though—it can be a bit cumbersome to use, especially if you’re used to models that are just used for beard trimming—but that comes with the territory, really, and it’s difficult to make a high-powered trimmer/clipper that’s small in size.

If… 1) you’re looking for a beard trimer, and 2) you’re the guy who cuts your hair and the hair of everybody in your family / dorm / apartment / wherever—this can be a great option. It comes with an 11-inch soft-shell carrying case that makes it ideal for storage and carrying around, and it can help you organize your bathroom and keep it clear of clutter. We don’t get the opportunity to recommend too many multi-tools (because honestly, a lot of them are sub-par), but we like this one a lot.

The Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer

Summary: The Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium is a handsome model, and we recommend it for those guys who like the finer things in life—it’s a highly-capable model with a great battery that’s great for travel and business trips, but it can also looks great in a clean, well-kept bathroom.


  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Worldwide voltage
  • Powerful rotary motor
  • 4 interchangeable heads
  • 9 guide combs


  • Strange shape?

The Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer is one of Wahl’s top-shelf models, and it comes with a lot of features that you don’t see in most beard trimmers, and that’s why we recommend this as our “high-end” pick.

While many beard trimmers come with one or two heads, the Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer comes with four interchangeable heads, each designed for a specific use:

1) The T-blade is sturdy and broad, designed for overall trimming;

2) The dual foil shaver made to remove all your hair and whiskers (and it’s great for that area beneath your neck, that a lot of trimmers don’t handle that well);

3) The precision detailer, great for edging sideburns and mustaches, can carve some angles into your beard; and

4) The last head—the ear-and-nose trimmer—is a must-have for anyone over the age of, let’s say, 30.

Along with the nine guide combs that come with the kit, that’s more than enough to create detailed styles, instead of just monotonous trims. The blades, too, are made from self-sharpening stainless steel, designed to slice through facial hair without tugging on your skin. VERY nice.

The real stand-out feature here, though, is the battery. The lithium ion battery that can hold a whopping six hours of charge after just over an hour of charging time, which can potentially mean weeks of shaves, so it’s possible you can even take it on business trips without having to charge it. That’s pretty unheard-of in the world of beard trimmers. It’s also great for traveling because it can handle worldwide voltage from 110v to 220v, so you can take it from New York to London without worrying about ruining it—or not being able to shave in the morning.

As for the trim itself, the battery also provides consistent power to a rotary motor that controls self-sharpening stainless steel blades. Altogether, this can mean a more comfortable trim because you’re less likely to yank hairs that don’t cut the first time.

If you’re a fan of the finer things in life, this is the one we’d suggest!

best wahl beard trimmer

What Makes Wahl Products Worthwhile?

Wahl is one of the most respected brands on the hair and beard market, and they make everything from clippers to trimmers to shavers (and even a few odd items, like beard softeners). So what is it exactly that makes the brand so popular?

Wahl’s Long History

For one thing, Wahl trimmers have a history stretching back over a century. In fact, well, they invented electric clippers.

In 1911, Leo J. Wahl, an engineering student at the University of Illinois, discovered the electromagnetic motor. He used it to invent an electronic medical massager for his uncle, J. Frank Wahl. His uncle started manufacturing the massager at his plant in Sterling, Illinois, and Leo sold them to local barbershops.

After talking to the local barbers, Leo Wahl began to envision ways his electromagnetic motor invention could be used to improve barber’s tools. Finally, in 1919, he patented the electromagnetic hair clipper, the first instance of a hair clipper with an integrated drive motor instead of one connected to a separate motor.

In 1921, Leo Wahl bought out his uncle, taking full ownership of the manufacturing plant in Sterling. He incorporated the company as Wahl Clipper Corporation and began mass producing his clippers, which caught on fast.

Wahl didn’t stop there, though. Over the decades, they have continued to innovate and create new technology in the clipper world. For instance, in 1965, they developed the first vacuum clipper which allowed barbers to cut hair and beards without needing a cape because the clipper device itself sucked up the clippings.

More notably, Wahl developed the first cordless hair clipper in 1967. This device used a rechargeable battery, a technology still important to clippers and trimmers today.

Finally, in 1984, Wahl started manufacturing the first cordless beard and mustache trimmer. Since then, they’ve created a diverse line of beard and mustache trimmers using different technologies and constructions.

Altogether, Wahl sells their products in 165 countries. Those sold on the US market are still manufactured at the company headquarters in Sterling, Illinois, and the company also operates international plants in China, the UK, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Japan. In total, Wahl has 1,500 employees.

We’ve written about a LOT of companies over the years, and it’s always interesting to see how beard and shaving companies develop. What’s not unique about Wahl is that they started as a family outfit—that’s actually really common in beard-and-shaving companies—what’s unique about Wahl is that they grew to 1,500 employees and can compete with HUGE names like Braun and Panasonic. There aren’t too many “little guys” when it comes to electric trimmers and shavers, but Wahl would be one.

With that in mind…

Are Wahl Beard Trimmers Worth It?

Generally speaking, regardless of the type of trimmer / shaver / razor, Wahl devices are high-quality tools. The company has an efficient and detailed manufacturing process that’s been finely tuned over Wahl’s long history, and of all the Wahl models we’ve used, we haven’t really had any problems with them (outside of the issues you have with trimmers of all brands—razor teeth wearing down, general wear-and-tear, etc).

This is not to say that there aren’t other options out there that also operate at a high level—there are, and we’ll talk about those in a minute—but we think they’re a good investment, and we’ve got a number of different Wahl shavers and trimmers in our war chest.

How Do Wahl Beard Trimmers Compare to Other Brands?

Wahl is one of the main name brands of beard trimmers, and their products are considered among the best in the marketplace—they’re popular among at-home users, but they’re also well-regarded among barbers and other hair-styling professionals. That said, Wahl is far from the only quality name brand—others include Philips Norelco, Remington, Hatteker, and Braun. So how does Wahl compare?

We’ll be honest… here at Rough and Tumble Gentleman, we like a lot of different brands, and it usually comes down to the type of device we’re using! Wahl tends to stand out more when it comes to T-blade trimmers and clippers, while Philips Norelco makes the best rotary shavers, and Braun makes great foil shavers. That’s just personal preference, though—all three companies’ devices have the craftsmanship, durability, and power to serve most grooming needs.

Remington, Panasonic, and Andis also have long histories manufacturing electronics including shavers, clippers, and trimmers, and while all these brands produce quality products, it’s best to compare models individually. In some cases, the Wahl is the superior choice, while in other times, there may be a better model from another brand.

In our experience, the main areas where Wahl shines are battery life, motor power, and durability. Most Wahl trimmers get a much longer battery life for the charge than other trimmers, and the motors are capable of drawing more power from these batteries. The quality construction also means that the trimmers last longer than those of other brands and suffer fewer breakdowns.

How to Clean and Maintain a Wahl So That It Lasts for Years

Wahl makes quality trimmers that can last a long time. However, you can actually increase a Wahl beard trimmer’s lifespan by taking good care of it—specifically, by making sure you clean, oil, and store your trimmer correctly.

First Step: Cleaning

When it comes to longevity, the key word is CLEANING. Here are a few things you can do:

Brush Off Clippings

The first and easiest part of cleaning your trimmer is to brush off the hair clippings. Most Wahl trimmers come with a small cleaning brush that reaches in between the blades to wipe away the little bits of hair.

If the blades are removable, which is often the case with Wahl trimmers, take them off and use the brush to clean out any hair that might have gotten down into the machinery and gears. Get under the blades and between the teeth as well.

Spray Down the Blades

Use a non-corrosive disinfectant to spray down the blades and keep any bacteria from growing. This will help prevent razor burn and other skin problems when you use the trimmer in the future.

A lot of disinfectants come in pressurized containers that allow you to easily spray the blades. This also helps dislodge stubborn clippings you couldn’t get with the brush.

Only Use Water If the Trimmer Is Waterproof

A lot of people want to wash their trimmer out with water. While this certainly makes it easier, you should avoid it unless you know for sure the trimmer is fully waterproof and rated for this. Otherwise, using water can cause blade corrosion, strip oils from the machinery, and damage the electric motor. For most trimmers, just brushing off the hair clippings is enough.

Second Step: Maintenance

If cleaning is what you do with every use (or every few uses!), “maintenance” is the work you do on a device to make sure it’s operating at its fullest potential. Here are some things that can make a difference:

Oil the Device Often

One of the most important but most overlooked aspects of maintenance for Wahl trimmers is oiling them. Wahl makes sure to include oil with most of their trimmers, but people still forget to do it.

Oiling your Wahl trimmer helps keep the blades from corroding so that they stay sharper for longer. Additionally, it makes the gears and machinery run more smoothly, improving the quality of your shave but also making the motor last longer.

Oiling your Wahl beard trimmer is fairly simple. Just apply a drop of oil to the top corners of the blade and the bottom. Then turn on the device so that the oil works into it. Easy peasy!

Check the Nuts and Bolts

Whenever you oil your Wahl trimmer, you should also take the time to check the casing of the device including all the screws, nuts, and bolts. If anything is loose, tighten it. And if anything is broken, replace it before using the device again.

Replace the Blades as Necessary

Even if you take good care of your Wahl trimmer, it’s likely that the blades will get dull before the device itself dies. There’s no reason to toss out your trimmer, though—Wahl sells replacement blades that you can easily change out. This way, you can keep taking advantage of the quality Wahl motor with a freshly sharp blade.

Keep the Battery Charged

Most Wahl trimmers these days have lithium ion batteries that are resilient and capable of maintaining themselves. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea not to leave your trimmer with a dead battery over long periods of time or you could ultimately damage it.

This is even more true if you have one of the few remaining Wahl models with a nickel battery. In this case, you should make sure to fully charge the trimmer before its first use and try to use all the power before charging it back up again. This will help maintain its capacity.

Third Step: Storage

Correct storage is another great way to get the most out of your Wahl trimmer. Specifically, you should store it in a cool, dry place. Definitely avoid keeping it in the shower where the water and steam could corrode the blades and damage the motor. And if you shower so hot that the whole bathroom steams up, it might be a good idea to keep your trimmer in a different room or at least in a cabinet.

Additionally, you should also store your Wahl trimmer vertically on a stand or in a case if you can. Luckily, Wahl usually includes one or the other with their trimmer models. A stand keeps the blades from encountering surface hazards like water and keeps them dry since air can pass through them. A case is even better since it will protect the blades from chemicals and the device itself from potential damage.

Take Care While Traveling

Storage is extra important if you’re traveling. Getting jostled around in a suitcase can be hard on any device, and a beard trimmer is no exception.

One of the most important things to check is if your Wahl trimmer has a travel lock. This keeps the trimmer from turning on inside your suitcase, which would drain the battery and potentially damage the blades or motor.

On top of that, you should keep your Wahl trimmer in a travel case if you can. This will help you keep your accessories organized, but it will also protect the trimmer from getting knocked around and damaged. If your trimmer doesn’t have a travel case, store it in a dedicated pocket and make sure it’s surrounded by soft material like clothing rather than something hard that could hurt the device.

Wahl Finish This Up Here

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in a Wahl, hopefully there’s something here that makes sense for you. We’re big fans of the brand, and we have a lot of happy experiences with them. Good luck, have fun, and happy beard!

Michael Morris is the head writer here at Rough and Tumble Gentleman. He's got a ducktail beard and loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He's married to the woman of his dreams and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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