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Best Corded Beard Trimmer

The Best Corded Beard Trimmer: Because Running Out of Batteries is the Worst

You know what’s great? Standing in front of your bathroom mirror, trimming your beard, and thinking to yourself, “I look fantastic,” as you get ready for your day. You know what’s not great? Standing in front of your bathroom room, trimming your beard, and then… running out of batteries and looking like a crazy person for the rest of the day because you were only able to trim half your beard. That’s not great—that’s awful. That’s why we tried dozens of corded trimmers to find the best corded beard trimmer for you to own.

Our search for the best corded beard trimmer is so vital: because running out of batteries and/or wondering if your trimmer has enough juice left to complete a trim is a huge pain.

If you’ve got a corded trimmer and a working electrical outlet, you’ll always have enough energy for a decent trim to get your beard looking right.

So, here we are! We’re going to go over our favorite beard trimmers WITH cords that you can reliably use, so that you never have to worry about batteries again.

Corded Beard Trimmers: Review Summaries

We’ll get into our full reviews in a minute, but—in the interest of time—here are a few summaries of the ones that made our list:

Best “Just-the-Basics” Model: The ConairMAN Beard & Mustache Trimmer for Men—a great option for beginners that can give you a clean, even trim

Best Option for a Variety of Looks: The Remington HC5855 Haircut Kit & Beard Trimmer—if you want a full kit to trim your beard into elaborate styles, this model is our recommendation

Best “All-in-One” Model: The Wahl PowerPro Corded Beard Trimmer—a high-quality plug-in beard trimmer kit with very sharp blades that can be used for beard trimming, cutting hair, and body grooming

Best Trimmer for Detail Work: The Wahl Professional Peanut Classic—small, sharp, and maneuverable, the Peanut (great name!) is a barber’s favorite and can give precise cuts

Best Deluxe Option for Barbers and Home Use (tie): The Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner—made with super-sharp blades and a very strong motor, the Andis 04710 is great for sensitive skin and has a fantastic grip, and finally

Best Deluxe Option for Barbers and Home Use (tie): The Oster Fast Feed Motor Clipper—with a powerful motor and sharp blades, the Oster Fast Feed can cut through thick hair (and wet hair) and last for many years, and it’s surprisingly quiet

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The Best Corded Beard Trimmers: In-Depth Reviews

Alright! Now let’s dive into the details. Here are our picks for top corded beard trimmer, along with their pros and cons:

The ConairMAN Beard & Mustache Trimmer for Men

Summary: If you want a basic, “no-frills” trimmer for occasionally shaping or grooming your beard, the ConairMAN Beard & Mustache Trimmer for Men is an easy-to-use model that can provide detailed trimming.


> Budget price

> Adjustable guard

> Removable blades

> Clear instructions


> Blades sit high

> Few extra features

The ConairMAN Beard and Mustache Trimmer is a nice reminder that you don’t need a super-deluxe model to look neat and professional. It’s a pretty basic setup, but it comes with everything you need to get a full shave or shape your beard into different lengths, and it features three guards—one of them being adjustable, which is great—so you can get the look you want.

The blades are made of stainless steel, which is known to stay sharp even after multiple years of use, and it’s relatively easy to remove and clean and oil them. The blades on the ConairMAN are actually very good for a basic, no-frills model (even if they are set a little bit high), and that’s one of the reasons we included this model on our list.

The last thing we really like about this wired trimmer is the instructions. They’re clearer and easier to follow than the instructions for a lot of top-shelf models you’ll find, and they can help you maintain your trimmer so it lasts a long time and functions correctly without pulling out your hair—ouch.

If you’re looking for simple, get-the-job-done model with a cord, this is the one we’d recommend. It you’re looking for a high-end model, we’d urge you keep reading, but if you’re looking for something uncomplicated, we think this is a great pick.

The Remington HC5855 Haircut Kit & Beard Trimmer

Summary: The Remington HC5855 Haircut Kit & Beard Trimmer is gear-heavy model with a very strong motor that provides plenty of cord for you to move around during trimming—it’s great for providing a range of looks.


> Great value

> 9 guards

> Comb and brush included

> Super magnet motor

> Removable blade

> 8-foot cord


> Wide grip

> Hair can build up on blades 

First off, the Remington HC5855 Haircut Kit and Beard Trimmer comes with a LOT of equipment: it features a 15-piece kit, featuring nine different guards, as well as a comb and brush, that can help you shape your beard into detailed styles like ducktails or imperials. We love that about the Remington—it’s a bummer when you get a trimmer that doesn’t come with any gear, leaving you to freehand you trim. So right off the bat, that’s a great feature.

The only thing we’re not fans of is the large grip, which can make it hard to trim at certain angles. That large grip can take some getting used to, but it makes sense that it’s a part of the trimmer: the model itself features a powerful magnet motor, which allows for a blade speed that’s a lot higher than most other trimmers, and that kind of motor is going to take up some space. The motor is obviously a pretty important feature on a trimmer and it not only cuts down on the time you need for trimming, but it also prevents pulls and snags—and that’s fantastic… it just makes the trimmer a little unwieldy at times.

Our other “favorite feature” of the Remington is the eight-foot cord. You have a lot more options on where to trim your beard, even if an outlet is far away, and the cord is less likely to catch on things and knock over items in your bathroom. Feel free to roam, brother!

All in all, a good pick, in our humble opinion, if you’re looking for a beard trimmer that comes with a lot of add-ons, and that can provide a range of different beard looks, if you can get used to the unwieldiness of it.

The Wahl PowerPro Corded Beard Trimmer

Summary: The Wahl PowerPro Corded Beard Trimmer is a great do-it-all model: it’s a full kit that can provide you with a detailed trim or full shave without taking up too much space in your bathroom or suitcase, but it’s also good for haircuts and body-grooming.


> Multiple blades and guards

> Carrying case included

> High-carbon steel blades

> Ergonomic grip

> Small and compact


> Small grip

> Power button can get in the way

The real stand-out feature of the Wahl PowerPro Corded Beard Trimmer is that it has three blades: a T blade, a trimmer blade, and a detail trimmer. That’s a unique feature, and it gives you a LOT of options—you can hit every part of your beard in a way that you can’t with ordinary blades, but you can also use the trimmer to give yourself haircuts and do some body-grooming. If you’re looking for an all-in-one kit, this is one of the models we recommend.

The quality of the blades themselves is pretty high-end—they’re made of a high-carbon steel alloy that’s resistant to corrosion, so they stay sharper longer without any maintenance on your part. The quality of the material means fewer pulls and snags during your trim, and a more comfortable shaving experience. That, ultimately, is the benefit of a higher-end beard trimmer.

As for the grip, we like the shape, but it does have a couple issues. First, it’s small. This is good for getting precise angles but can make it awkward if you have big hands. Second, the power button is prominently placed on the side of the casing. This makes it simple to operate but more likely you’ll accidentally turn it off during use, which could lead to a painful snag.

Other than that, though, we consider this a powerful, well-built model. It’s kind of surprising that more beard trimmers aren’t also body groomers—most of us bearded guys also have a lot of other hair we need to remove, too  : )

The Wahl Professional Peanut Classic

Summary: If you’re looking for a compact beard trimmer that can do great detail work, the Wahl Professional Peanut Classic can give you a precise and comfortable trim in one of the tiniest packages around.


> Compact and lightweight

> Precise trimming

> 4 guards

> Removable blades

> Embedded power switch


> Can be hard to hold

You know what our favorite thing about The Wahl Professional Peanut Classic is? How out of place it sounds next to literally every other beard trimmer out there. You’ve got the ConairMAN, the PowerPro, the Andis Professional, and… The Peanut!

That’s awesome. Way to be yourself, Peanut! Do you thing!

If you couldn’t tell from the name, the Peanut’s main draw is its size. It’s tiny. Its size makes it easy to transport but also good for getting very precise trims, and that’s one of the reasons it’s a go-to choice for professional barbers and hairdressers. In fact, it’s actually designed specifically for barbers and marketed for “professional use only” (but we know a lot of guys who have it and use it happily).

Despite being a simple trimmer that’s easy to use, it comes with four different guards so you can trim at different lengths. It’s not as gear-heavy as some other models that offer a number of different guards—some trimmers offer 10 or more guards—but that makes sense, because this really is about detail work. The blade is also removable, which lets you easily clean and maintain it, and that’s a great feature—Wahls are typically easy to clean, and that’s the case here.

If you want to go with the Peanut, you should keep the small size in mind because it means it’ll be hard to hold onto if you have big hands. Luckily, we really like that the power button is a switch embedded into the casing, so you’re unlikely to turn it off accidentally.

The Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner

Summary: The Andis 04710 is a professional-quality beard trimmer that can provide a very close shave that doesn’t irritate the skin. It’s one of our top picks, and great for professionals and home-users. 


> Close T-blade shave

> Minimizes irritation

> Compatible with Andis accessories

> Contoured grip

> Hanging loop

> 8-foot cord


> No accessories included

If you’ve read many of our reviews, you’ve probably noticed how often Andis shows up. They make high-quality grooming devices that are durable and work well, and we recommend a number of their products in our different posts. In this case, the Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner is a top choice of professional barbers because the T blade lets you get precise outlines and designs, and the blades sit very low in order to shave close to the skin without irritation. That’s exactly what we’d expect in a high-end trimmer (and Andis usually only makes top-of-the-line trimmers and clippers).

The only down-side to the Andis 04710 is that it doesn’t come with any guards—at all. Some guys are a little bummed to learn that, because in most cases, a trimmer / clipper / shaver will come with at least four guards, it not many more. The Andis 04710 is compatible with a number of great Andis guards you can buy separately, but they’re not included with the set, so think about what you’ll need beforehand.

Lastly, we have to mention the grip, which is one of the main features we look at when we’re reviewing trimmers and clippers. The grip on the Andis 04710 is rounded and contoured, and (in our most humble of opinions), is one of the easiest wired trimmers on our list to hold. That’s fantastic.

Plus, as all of our selections in our best corded beard trimmer post, it’s got a cord of a decent length—8 feet. Together, this lets you hit every angle of your beard with no problem, and move around if you need to.

This is (along with our next pick) one of favorite beard trimmers, and we recommend it highly.

The Oster Fast Feed Motor Clipper

Summary: The Oster Fast Feed Motor Clipper is a high-quality trimmer that can shear through thick, wet, and/or tangled hair to give a precise, professional cut. This is our pick for guys with really thick beards / really thick beard hair. 


> Cuts wet hair

> Quiet but powerful

> 4 guards included

> Comfortable grip

> 8-foot cord


> Power switch can get in the way

The Oster Fast Feed Motor Clipper set is our top-shelf recommendation, with a Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor that’s powerful enough to even cut through wet hair. Plus, it’s quieter than most trimmers, making it a good option if you get up early and need to shave while other people are still asleep. That’s a pretty fantastic combo, when you think about it—most clippers are either powerful and loud, or quiet and kind of weak, so it’s wonderful you can have your cake and eat it too, in a sense.

There are four guards with the trimmer (and just like other high-end models, you can purchase additional guards separately). The neat thing about the Oster guards is the thinness of the guard blades—it lets the trimmer actually reach your whiskers, which is something you would think that all trimmers can do, but sadly cannot. Those precise guards can allow you to shape your beard into detailed styles, cut your hair to your desired length, or just shave without nicking your skin or causing irritation. Very cool.

The grip is extremely comfortable, and that’s one of the commonalities in high-end trimmers and clippers (and it’s one of the things that we insist on when picking products to review). The power button is easy to hit accidentally, and that’s kind of a bummer, but after a few uses, it’s easy to avoid. And, finally, the cord: the trimmer has an eight-foot cord that prevents hassles and hang-ups, and its heavy duty so that it doesn’t wear down with frequent use.

Finally—and this isn’t super-important, but it’s unique, and a good thing, so we thought we’d mention it: it’s made in a number of different colors. In most cases, a plug-in beard trimmer is made in one color, and if you don’t like that color, that’s that. The Oster Fast Feed is made in a number of different colors, and we think that’s fantastic.

All in all, this is one of the best trimmers for beards we’ve come across. High marks.

Alright! There you have it—that wraps up our discussion of the best corded trimmers that you can plug in, and hopefully one of the trimmers above will meet your needs. We put in a lot of time trying to select trimmers for a range of uses, so hopefully there’s something here that works for you—and if you have a model that you’d like us to include in our corded beard trimmer reviews, please let us know. 

Before we wrap up, we figured we’d give some guidance on how to select a trimmer, why they’re worthwhile, and how to use one. As you might have been able to tell, we’re huge fans of corded trimmers, but we realize not everybody knows how to select and/or use them. We’ll start with…

Benefits of Corded Beard Trimmers

These days many manufacturers have transitioned to making their clippers with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so that you can use them cordlessly. While these types of trimmers certainly have their upsides, it’s unfortunate that it’s become so much more difficult to find corded beard trimmers because there are actually quite a lot of benefits to this type of device.

No Dead Batteries

The most obvious benefit of a corded trimmer is that it never runs out of batteries. Most cordless trimmers don’t display how much battery life they have remaining, and those that do tend to be more expensive. The result is that you never really know when you need to charge it.

In addition to this, lithium batteries lose power even when you’re not using the device. Combine these two factors together, and you’re likely to wake up one morning and not have enough juice to shave even if the trimmer had power the day before.

More importantly, a dying battery can make shaving a lot more uncomfortable. As the power output drops towards the end of the battery’s life, the blades will move more slowly and won’t cut as easily. This will pull on the hair. If the battery suddenly dies completely while you’re shaving, it may catch on the hair causing a painful snag.

More Consistent Power

As technologically advanced as battery-powered trimmers have become, they still don’t provide as consistent or as high of a power supply as corded models. The fluctuating power of a battery-powered model can be quite frustrating because if it dips, the blades may catch on thicker hair causing a pull or snag.

However, it’s also just worth noting that most corded models have more power in general. If you have a really thick beard, a corded trimmer that you can plug in will be a lot easier to shave or groom with. That said, even if your beard isn’t that thick or you’re just shaving down the skin, more power means a faster shave.

All-Day Use

One of the great things about corded beard trimmers is that you can use them all day. If you’re a single guy who lives alone, this probably doesn’t matter much to you, but there are a number of situations in which this is an important feature.

Most notably, if you’re a professional barber or hairdresser, you’re going to need a trimmer that will go the distance. At least 9-5 if not longer. With a corded trimmer, you can give client after client a consistent shave without worrying about charging or fluctuating power.

However, it’s not just professionals. For instance, if you run any kind of residence, you might want a trimmer for common use. It will need to handle multiple uses a day, so go with a corded model.

Additionally, a corded model may be better for a family. Dad may only use it once a day, but if you want it to double as a haircutter for the kids, you’ll need the consistent power of a cord.

Fewer Pieces

One of the biggest advantages of corded trimmers is their simplicity. Basically, they’re just a single piece, though you can have extra accessories like guards and different blades.

Battery-powered models, on the other hand, at least have a separate cord that you have to keep track of. More powerful models often even have charging platforms or removable battery packs that have to be plugged into the wall.

These extra pieces take up extra space in your bathroom cabinet, and you’re more likely to accidentally lose one. More importantly, if you’re a traveling man, carrying around all the pieces of a battery-powered trimmer can be a real hassle. Corded beard trimmers are much easier to keep track of and pack in your luggage.

best corded beard trimmer

Features to Look for in a Corded Beard Trimmer

Corded beard trimmers come with a wide range of features. Basic models can be pretty straightforward while more advanced trimmers might have a number of extra features that make the device more user friendly but also more expensive. In general, these are some of the features that greatly improve the effectiveness of the trimmer and are worth investing in.

Water Resistance

Most likely, you’ll be using your trimmer in the bathroom, in an outlet you can plug it into. It’s going to be around a lot of water and steam, so water resistance is an important feature that makes a trimmer more durable, versatile and longer lasting. You don’t want it to break down just because it accidentally gets splashed once or you drop it in the sink.

More importantly, a trimmer with at least moderate water resistance is a wise purchase because you can wash it more easily. Running the blades under the water is a simple way to remove hair trimming and keep the blades running smoothly, but they need to be water resistant so that they won’t corrode.

In this case, water-resistant blades are usually made of high-carbon steel. These types of alloy resist oxidation, so even when you run them under water to clean them, they don’t start to corrode and therefore dull.

Still, even with corrosion-resistant blades, you’ll most likely have to remove the blades from the device itself to wash them unless the entire machine is water resistant. Check this beforehand.

Ergonomic Grip

Something that’s often overlooked by buyers, we spend a lot of time considering the grips of our top picks. It truly makes a difference, especially when you’re trying to trim your beard into creative styles and shapes. That’s because you’re going to have to hold the trimmer at various different angles, and if you can’t easily hold the trimmer, this will be more difficult, and you’re more likely to make a mistake.

The first thing to look at is just the size, specifically relative to the size of your hands. Manufacturers are constantly making smaller, more compact devices, but it can get to the point where these are actually harder to hold if you have big hands. Of course, a trimmer that’s too big can also be difficult to hold.

It’s more than just size, though. You should also consider the shape of the grip. Straighter or more rectangular grips aren’t as easy to maneuver into the angles to get really good detail. Meanwhile, a contoured grip is easy to hold, and you can twist your wrist with no problem to get to every part of your beard.

Sharp Blades

You definitely want a trimmer with sharp blades. Not only will sharp blades give you a faster and more consistent trim, they’ll also be more comfortable and less likely to cause irritation.

This is because they don’t pull or yank on the hairs. With duller blades, the trimmer doesn’t cut all the hairs immediately and instead requires a little bit of extra force. It’s like when you’re cutting a tomato. A sharp knife will slice it easily, but a dull knife will take some effort on your part.

The same thing is true with trimmers. If the blades aren’t sharp enough, it will take the force of you moving the trimmers along your face to cut the hairs, which pulls them. That’s a bit painful in the moment, and it’s likely to cause irritation after the shave.

If the blades are really dull, they won’t even cut at all. They’ll just grip the hairs and yank them. It’s definitely worth paying attention to the sharpness of the blades of any trimmer you’re considering.

Low- or High-Set Blades

Different beard trimmers will have the blades set differently on the head of the device. This will determine how close of a shave you can get with the trimmer, so you need to think about exactly what you want.

Those who want to use their trimmers to get a full shave down to skin will want low-set blades that allow them to trim off as much of the hair as they can. On the other hand, if you’re styling your beard, you most likely want a little stubble left (and you can always use a stubble trimmer for that), so a higher-set blade can be better.

Plus, if you don’t want a really close shave, higher-set blades can help prevent irritation since the blades don’t rub against the skin as much. Either one of these options is a good choice. It just depends on what you personally need.

Guards and Combs

Many beard trimmers come with guards or combs that you can attach to the blade. These protect your skin from irritation and damage from the blades, but more significantly, they let you trim and style your beard creatively.

While you’ve probably seen them used a lot for hair cutting, they’re even more important for your beard. That’s because beards get tangly, and this means the blades don’t cut all the hairs evenly. However, an attached comb straightens out the curls and removes the tangles so you can get a neat trim.

Plus, guards and combs let you style your beard. For example, if you want a ducktail beard, you’ll need to trim the cheeks and jawline at a shorter length than your chin. This is a lot easier if you have a range of guards of different lengths to use. Just use one on your cheeks and swap it out for your chin.   

Long Cord

Yes, a corded beard trimmer has a lot of advantages, but it does have one main downside: the cord. A beard trimmer cord can be a real hassle. It limits the distance you can use the trimmer from an outlet and gets caught on things and knocks things over.

One great way manufacturers minimize these problems is by making their cords extra long. For one thing, this gives you more versatility as to where you can use it. For example, you can use the trimmer in the bathtub to prevent getting hair clippings everywhere even if the outlet is on the other side of the bathroom. Similarly, if you’re a professional barber, you may need to reach various different chairs from a single outlet.

Plus, when you use the trimmer, a longer cord won’t slither and snap around. On the other hand, a short cord will slap against things. Imagine you’re using the trimmer in the bathtub. A short cord is going to constantly knock all your wife’s shampoos into the bathtub. 

It’s more than just a hassle, though. You’re much more likely to accidentally pull a short cord out of the wall while you’re using it. The result will be that any hairs between the blades will get caught there, and you’ll yank them as you move the trimmer. At the very least, this will hurt. If you have a really thick beard, it could get stuck in the trimmer until you get power back.

Hanging Loop

It may seem like a small feature, but a hanging loop can actually make your cordless beard trimmer a lot more convenient. Of course, if you’re a professional barber or hairdresser, you need a hanging loop so you can keep the trimmer in an easily accessible place where you can grab it to use on a client and then quickly replace it.

However, it’s also a great feature if you’re just using the trimmer at home, especially if you have a family or roommates and not a lot of room in the bathroom. Instead of keeping the trimmer buried in the cabinet with everything else, you can install a simple hook into the wall next to the sink or bathtub and hang the trimmer there.

Clear Instructions

You probably know how to use a beard trimmer, but do you know how to correctly maintain one? Cleaning and oiling the trimmer will keep it working comfortably and effectively for a long time, but you have to do it right.

Maintenance can actually be somewhat complex and varies considerably from model to model. For instance, some may require using oil on the internal gears while with others, oiling internal mechanisms can cause problems and you should only oil the blades.

Cleaning can be even more complicated with different models having varying resistance to water. This means that while you should run the internal mechanisms of one trimmer under the water, you should keep another as dry as possible. Similar rules exist for brushing out hairs (and if you really hate cleaning hairs out of a trimmer, you may want to look at a vacuum model).

With all these little details, you should read the instructions to know how to best take care of your trimmer. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers include vague instructions if any at all. You should try to find a model with good instructions or otherwise look online for a maintenance guide or tutorial.

Cords Are Where It’s At

For professional barbers and everyday individuals alike, a corded trimmer is often the foundation of your grooming kit. Hopefully there’s something here that works for you—good luck, and happy trimming!

Michael Morris is the head writer here at Rough and Tumble Gentleman. He's got a ducktail beard and loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He's married to the woman of his dreams and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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