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Best Beard Straightener

The Best Beard Straightener to Flatten, Lengthen, De-Curl Your Beard

A bushy, wild-man beard can be great look, and it can be a lot of fun to embrace your untamed, “savage” side. But sometimes you need to tighten things up a bit.

Perhaps you want to look a bit more professional, or you want some of those curls and swirls in your beard to relax a little—or you simply want to “cheat” a bit and have your beard appear longer than it truly is.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help. Here we’ll go over our picks for the best beard straightener and beard straightening brushes, and then we’ll dive into how to pick a straightener, how to use it, and how to keep your beard healthy as you make straightening part of your routine.

Beard Straightener

There is a LOT here, so we’ll start with…

Straighteners: Summaries and Quick Picks

Here are our favorite beard straighteners. We’ll give you full reviews in a minute, but for now, here’s a quick overview of what we like about each of our picks:

Best for Guys New to Beard Straightening—The Xikezen Beard Straightener: a solid budget model that can help newbies quickly learn the ropes of beard grooming (and it comes with an eBook!)

Best Budget Model / Fastest—The Scree Averil 3-in-1 Beard Straightenerthis is a “budget-friendly” model that can get you looking neat in a very short period of time—which is not always the case with beard straighteners

Best for Beard Tangles—the Arkam Premium Beard Straightener: our recommendation for men who often have problems with knotty hair and frizz

Best High-End Model / Quickest—the Arkam Deluxe Beard Straightenerour “top-shelf” suggestion for men on the go who need to straighten quickly. This is our pick for top beard straightener overall

Most “Tech-y” / Great Bells-and-Whistles—the Arberlite EDC Premium Beard Straighteneran advanced, deluxe model that provides a slew of temperature settings for detailed straightening; and finally

Best All-in-One Kit—the Tame the Wild Easy Glide Beard Straightener Essentials Kita full kit that comes with just about everything you need to start straightening your beard effectively and healthily.

Beard Straighteners: Our Reviews

Alright! Let’s get into the details. Here’s what we like about these models—and what we didn’t—so you can make an informed decision about the best beard straightener for you.

The Xikezan Beard Straightener

Summary: The Xikezen Beard Straightener is a full kit can be a great intro to straightening, with three heat settings and an included comb and guide book


Full kit with included comb and eBook

3 temperature settings

Automatic turn-off (VERY helpful for those of us who are forgetful)

Swivel cord

Compatible with 110V and 240V


Can smell a bit… odd… when hot

Not the sturdiest construction out there

The Xikezan straightener is a “budget” option that’s basically a full kit. On top of beard oil and balm, it features a dual-sided comb and a free eBook on beard grooming. That’s a nice thing our granddads didn’t get, and all that can make it a good fit for guys who starting to grow their beards, or have had a beard for a while and have never tried straightening it. It’s a good way to get started, and it’s kind of clever—it’s kind of surprising that more goods sold online don’t come with an eBook.

As for the straightening brush itself, it’s got three heats settings that can let you tune it specifically for your type of beard hair—and that makes it a good match for a wide variety of beards, from thin and wispy to thick and curly. The range is from 356 degrees Fahrenheit to 482 degrees Fahrenheit —really, really hot, in other words—and it can reach the max temperature in just two minutes, so you can get ready fast in the morning.

We also found this to be a good model for newbies because it’s relatively safe. The bristles are made of a glass fiber and have protective guards to help keep you from burning your hair or skin, and the straightener itself has an automatic turn-off feature that shuts it off after 30 minutes. Although, we should note—it’s probably wise to wrap all this up way before 30 minutes. That’s quite a long time to be using a straightener (and this one can smell a little odd if you leave it on for too long, so you may want to avoid overuse [and that’s actually true for most straighteners, just because they run so hot].

Finally, the Xikezan beard straightener is pretty convenient. Like other models, it has a 360-degree swivel cord (stationary cords can be a huge pain), and it’s pretty compact, so you can fit it in a suitcase or throw-bag. It’s great for international travel, too, in general because it works with both 110 and 240 voltages.

The Scree Averil 3-in-1 Beard Straightener

Summary: The Scree Averil 3-in-1 Beard Straightener is a solid budget choice for men looking for something simple and fast and that they can use to get ready quickly


Easy to use

Swivel cord

Heats up fast

Beard oil and wax included


Only 2 heat settings

The bristles could be a little bit longer
Kind of a weird name, but whatever

This is one of our “budget-friendly” options—having a well-groomed beard doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s nice to see that there are some reliable tools that aren’t super high-end.

All that said, though, our favorite feature of the Scree is the ease of use: one button turns it on and changes between the two heat settings, with a light indicator letting you know if it’s on. It’s also got a 360-degree swivel cord lets you use it without getting it tangled or knocking things over in the bathroom, and while that doesn’t seem like the biggest deal, it’s a HUGE leap forward from older models.

We also like how fast it heats up, and it can be ready to straighten in just 60 seconds. If you’re grooming time is precious—and for most of us, it is—that’s about as good as it gets. The two heat settings are 350 Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit—not super hot, but good enough for the great majority of beards (we’re of the opinion that people get a little bit obsessed with heat, when really, anything between 300 and 400 is probably going to be sufficient).

The bristle material is a nice touch—they’re ceramic, which allow them to heat up without burning your skin—but they’re a tad short, so if you have a really thick beard, or a really short beard, this might not be your best bet.

Lastly, the Scree comes with some nice extras: it includes a beard balm and a beard oil, which is a nice touch—straightening can do a number on your beard, so it’s good to have a few products come along with it.

A good option, over all—we like this one a lot.

The Arkam Premium Beard Straightener

Summary: the Arkam Premium Beard Straightener features ionic technology and a good range of temperature settings that can straighten beard hair without damaging it or making it look frizzy and brittle—great for guys with thin- to average-thickness beard hair


3 good temperature settings

Ionic technology

Swivel cord

4 indicator lights

Convenient travel bag included


Inconveniently placed power button

Few extras included

One of the main complaints about beard straightening brushes is that they can really beat up your beard hair—because, after all, it’s not really a natural thing to introduce temperatures of 300 to 400+ degrees Fahrenheit to your beard hair. Beards just aren’t set up for that sort of thing.

And that’s why we like the Arkam Premium Beard Straightener—if you have fine or thin hair, which is true for a lot of blond and brown-haired men, it can be a good choice to get your beard straight and neat without damaging it, because the lowest setting—the 300-degree one—actually stays near 300 degrees. In a lot of lesser straighteners, the temperature shoots up way past 300 degrees even when you’ve set it for 300 degrees, but the Arkam actually seems to stay at that heat spot. That reliability, sadly, is a rare thing for straighteners, and it’s one of our favorite aspects of this straightener.

It’s also a little bit more “technologically advanced” than other models in its range, because it features “ionic technology” that can straighten your beard without removing too much moisture from within the hairs themselves. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s another way that a straightener can prevent damage to hair follicles, and that’s fantastic, because having a beard straightener beat up your beard is a huge bummer. The ionic technology also keeps your beard from getting frizzy, which can happen a lot with heated straightening.

As for design, it’s pretty easy to use, and the four light indicators are pretty easy to read. It’s got a 360-degree swivel cord, too, which is a plus—but our main problem with this model is the power button, which is somewhat inconveniently placed. It can be easy to accidentally turn off the straightener while you’re using it, and that’s a little frustrating. It’s not the biggest deal, and it’s something you may get used to over time, but it can be a hassle at first.

Along with the straightener itself, it comes with a sleek black dual-sided comb that can help you get out knots and let you apply beard oil or balm (although there isn’t any included, and it would be a lot cooler if it was). There is, however, a travel bag that makes it easy to take the straightener with you, and that’s actually a really nice perk, because straighteners are pretty oddly shaped, and they can be difficult to stow—so that’s a nice little touch. Not a reason to get this model over another one, really, but definitely a nice touch.

The Arkam Deluxe Beard Straightener

Summary: The Arkam Deluxe Beard Straightener has the ionic tech that Arkam is known for, along with a unique one-brush straightening design, and a supa-dupa fast heating mechanism with TWELVE heat settings—our pick for best straightener for beards overall


One-stroke straightening

Digital temperature display

Wide range of temperatures

Heats up in 30 seconds

Auto turn-off

Compatible with 110V and 240V

Hard shell carrying case


12 settings can be a little but much—not everyone needs all that

Not much?

A lot of guys slack off a bit when it comes to beard grooming, simply because it can take up so much time. Arkam seems to understand that, and their Deluxe Beard Straightener—perhaps the best straightener they make—seems geared towards quick and accurate usage. It’s got a LOT of features, and most of them address the “beard straightening takes forever” complaint.

The first feature—the combination of long bristles and ionic heating technology—is perhaps the biggest boon when it comes to speed. Those long bristles, coupled with the ionic technology that protects some of the moisture in your individual beard hairs—means you can straighten a section of your beard with just a single stroke. That’s fantastic for two reasons:

1) As we mentioned earlier, the process of straightening a beard isn’t exactly a natural one, and if you can straighten a beard in fewer strokes, that can mean less damage to the beard itself, and even moreso, less damage over repeated usages of the straightener; and

2) It means you can finish up your beard grooming routine faster than doing multiple passes. If you don’t like standing in front of the mirror, doing pass after pass, that can be a big plus.

That “single stroke” feature is perhaps the most unique aspect of the Arkam Deluxe, but the heat range capability is also pretty fantastic. The heat gauge displays a digital display, so you know exactly how hot the comb is, and that is really wonderful (and something that older models never, ever had). It’s a great feature because it can keep you from accidentally using a temperature that’s too hot and damage your hair (or one that’s too cold and waste your time!). The range, too, is broader than many other models, with twelve heat settings—all the way from 250 degrees to 450 degrees—which is excellent: the 250 is great if you’ve got thin beard hair (or want to take things slowly when you start using your comb), and the 450 can be enough to tackle very thick, curly beard hair. It’s not always easy to find a beard wand with that kind of range, and the other nice aspect is that it can reach those temperatures in only 30 seconds. That’s kind of incredible, if you think about, because whenever we microwave a frozen for five minutes, that thing remains frozen somehow. That may be comparing apples to oranges, but going to zero degrees to 450 degrees in 30 seconds is pretty impressive.

It’s got some nice extras: along with the straightener, it comes with a dual-sided wooden comb, which is not imperative, but nice to have, and it also comes with a hard-shell carrying case, which is also not imperative, but VERY nice to have, especially if you travel. Beard wands can be a pain to travel with, and a hardcase that fits the model snugly is a nice little perk—you can pack this in your suitcase without having to worry about it tumbling around and damaging the brush’s bristles.

All in all, a VERY nice model, and one we happily recommend—this is one of our favorite beard products, and it gets our pick for best beard straightener overall.

The Arberlite EDC Premium Beard Straightener

Summary: The Arberlite EDC Premium Beard Straightener is a techie’s delight, and the “Goldilocks” beard straightener comb—it has six temperature settings (“just right”) and an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip


6 temperature settings

Digital temperature display

Ergonomic and compact design

High bristle density

Anti-static coating

30-minute automatic turn-off


No-swivel cord

Very few extras

It’s kind of ironic that it’s only the higher-end beard combs that provide lower heating temperatures—you’d expect that only the better ones would be able to go to higher temperatures—but that’s how it is. Lesser models aren’t really capable of heating just a little bit, and it’s only the better-made models that can.

So, along with some of the other top models in our list, the Arberlite can provide you with a 250-degree starting point, all the way up to 430-degrees. There are a few other models that got a bit higher, but that’s still pretty high, and good enough for the vast majority of beards.

The nice thing about that range is that there are six heat settings. Many of the lower-tier models have two (and to be fair—for many guys, two is enough!) and some higher-end models have ten or more heat settings, but six is just about right for most bearded men. It’s the “Goldilocks” of beard straighteners and beard combs—not too low, not too high. Just right.

The real stand-out feature of the Arberlite—at least in our minds—is the design. It’s ergonomic and light, make it easy to hold and maneuver. If the idea of holding a scorching hot tool right next to your face freaks you out a little bit, that can be a very nice feature. We should note, however, that the Arberlite does NOT feature a swivel cord, which is a bit of a bummer. It’s not vital, but it’s nice to have. Perhaps the good men and women of Arberlite will include that feature in a future upgrade of the model.

There’s another design feature we appreciate, and that’s the bristles: they’re arranged so that they’re very close together, and have an anti-static coating that not only prevents frizz but lets the bristles more easily pass through your hair. This makes straightening faster, more comfortable, and it avoids knots and tangles. That, perhaps, is the real stand-out feature here—it can be a bummer when you’ve straightened your beard and find your beard hairs mashed together into a clump, and that tightly-packed bristle layout is designed to combat that.

Like with many good models, there’s an automatic 30-minute turn-off timer as well. We’ve described this as a “techie’s delight,” and that’s why—it’s got great design and a lot of thoughtful features.

The Tame the Wild Easy Glide Beard Straightener Essentials Kit

Summary: The Tame the Wild Easy Glide Beard Straightener Essentials Kit can be a convenient and fun way to wash, moisturize, and straighten your beard, and it’s our recommendation for guys who are new to having and straightening a beard


Full kit with beard essentials

3 temperature settings

Anti-scald bristles

360-degree rotating cord

Compact carrying case


Poor instructions

Heats up slowly

Last but not least—in fact “last but including the most!”—the Tame the Wild Easy Glide Beard Straightener Essentials Kit. We wanted to include a full kit, because while a lot of our picks include a lot of great accessories, they usually only include a few items.

The Tame the Wild Kit, however, has a lot of items: a beard wash for cleaning dirt and grime out of your beard, a beard balm for moisturizing and some light sculpting, a heat spray to keep it healthy even after regular straightening, as well as a dual-sided wooden brush and hard shell carrying case. That’s really everything we would recommend for a guy with a new beard, or for someone who is using a beard wand for the first time.

As for the straightener itself, it’s a good model for both beginners and long-time beard groomers—it’s got three temperature settings (300 degrees, 350 degrees, and 410 degrees), and while that’s not very low or very high, it’s plenty ‘nuff to straighten most beards. The bristles are designed for most beard lengths and have an anti-scald design (basically what that means is that the tips stay cool, so that they’re less likely to accidentally burn your skin), and that’s a VERY nice feature, especially if you’re new to straightening your beard.

It would be nice if this straightener heated up faster and had some more detailed instructions, but that’s not the worst thing in the world. For a kit, it’s got everything else we’d look for.

And… there you have it! Those are the beard straighteners and heated beard combs we suggest to our readers. We hope there’s something there that does it for you.

If you’d like to learn more about beard combs—how to pick one, how to use one, and other things to keep in mind—well then, here you go:

Straightener Features/How to Pick a Beard Straightener

For what is basically a hot piece of metal, there are a LOT of different features to look at. Here are each of the features you’ll want to keep in mind, along with some helpful information about each:

Temperature Settings

Generally speaking, lower temperatures are good for thinner, more delicate beards, and higher temperatures are good for thick, tangly, course beards. It can make sense to have as many different settings as you can, because you will eventually find that certain temperatures work better for you, and finding the right temperature can allow you straighten your beard hair without damaging it too much.

Similarly, you want the settings to come in a wide range—being able to switch between 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 375 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t really do you much good, but having the option to go from 250 degrees to 450 degrees can let you use exactly the temperature you need to get the look you want. Plus, different situations might call for different heating depending on how straight you need to get your hair.

Most of the beard straighteners and straightening brushes in our list have temperature settings that range between 300 degrees and 400 degrees, with a few higher-end options that have cooler and hotter capabilities.

Heat-Up Time

The heat-up time is how long it takes the straightener to go from “off” to its maximum temperature. Obviously, a fast heat-up saves you time when you’re going through your morning routine, but it can also mean you’re less likely to forget you turned it on and leave it sitting there wasting energy and risking a fire.

A lot of straighteners on the market and on our list have heat-up times of around 30 seconds, which is lightning fast. Others may be a bit slower, perhaps a couple of minutes, but this is still relatively quick—especially compared to the beard straighteners of yesteryear.

Display and Controls

Not all straighteners have displays, but many do. These controls vary widely by model, so they’re difficult to describe, but there are two that most will have:

Indicator Lights. On basic models, there may be a light that simply shows the straightener/comb is turned on, whereas on advanced models, there may be multiple lights, each of which lights up for a different temperature setting (or changes color based on the temperature setting). If the model doesn’t have an indicator light, you may want to look at another model.

Temperature Displays. The most advanced straighteners usually have digital displays that tell you exactly what temperature they’re at. Then they often have specific buttons for increasing or decreasing that temperature. This is arguably the easiest setup.


Because beard straighteners are basically just electric brushes, they feature sophisticated bristles that get very hot—very, VERY hot.

These bristles come in a lot of different variations, according to:

Length. The length of the bristle varies widely across different models, and it’s perhaps one of the most important features of a straightener. The heat of the straightener comes from the body of the brush, so shorter bristles mean you can get the heat closer to the hair. However, shorter bristles can make it harder to de-knot and de-tangle the hairs down at the bottom of the beard.

With that in mind, we recommend shorter bristles for men with shorter or thinner beards. If you have a really thick, really long beard, longer bristles is usually the way to go.

Safety. We just mentioned bristle length as related to grooming, but bristle length is also related to safety. Longer bristles keep the heat source farther away from the skin, making it less likely you’ll burn yourself, whereas shorter bristles bring the heat source way closer to the skin—making burns a little more likely. With that in mind, longer bristles can be a good idea for beginners, who are new to using a beard straightener, and need to get a little experience under their belt.

Anti-Scald Coating. We’re honestly not sure what the chemistry here looks like, but many models have an “anti-scald” coating on their bristles that can protect you from burns (and it can protect both the skin and the hair itself).

Not every model has anti-scald coating, but it can be a great feature if you’re worried about damage to your skin or hair when you’re using the model.

Ceramic Coating. Ceramic coating doesn’t really protect your skin at all, but it can help the bristles themselves more evenly distribute heat, which can provide a more “even” result. In some lesser-performing models, heat isn’t distributed evenly throughout all the bristles, meaning that the straightener may work well on certain areas of your beard, but not well on others. Ceramic coating can shield from that.

Shape and Design

Most straighteners are shaped similarly: they’re a brush with a simple handle and larger head. Honestly, the shape on the majority of brushes is fine—it’s not that big a factor.

That said, some top-shelf models are more ergonomically designed with handles that are easy to hold and manipulate. These can be really nice, because they allow you to get better angles and leverage while you’re straightening. Again, not the most important thing in the world, but nice.

Other parts of the design to pay attention to are the size and weight. When it comes to straighteners, smaller is usually better. For one thing, it lets you get better angles when you’re straightening for a better shape to your beard. Plus, it’s a lot easier to pack if you’re taking it while you’re traveling.

Weight isn’t quite as important, but it’s still a factor. A heavier straightener will get hard to hold after a long time, and it could put you over the weight limit for your luggage.

Ionic Technology

While the cheapest beard straighteners just get hot, some of the more advanced models use ionic technology which is better for both quick drying and preserving your hair’s health. With ionic technology, the straightener produces negative ions which react with the positive ions in water. This helps evaporate the surface water faster while using a lower heat that doesn’t damage the hair or remove too much moisture from inside the hair.

Rotating Cord

A rotating cord can be a great feature for a beard straightener, and most models out there today have one. A rotating cord lets you move the straightener freely at whatever angle you want without having to worry about getting the cord twisted or catching it on things around your bathroom.

Again, it’s worth mentioning that rotating cords aren’t a sure thing—there are a lot of models that don’t have them. If it’s important to you, be sure to check and see that the model you like has one.

Safety Features

As you saw in the “temperature settings” section, beard straighteners can get pretty darn hot. They’re a LOT better than they used to be, but you can still burn your skin or start a fire or melt one of your belongings.

Good straighteners have safety features to minimize these risks. The most important of these is an automatic turn-off timer. This shuts off the straightener after a predetermined amount of time, just in case you set it down and forget to turn it off.

Again, it’s not a sure thing, and you still need to be VERY aware of what you’re doing when you use a beard straightener / electric beard comb. Safety features are great and you should definitely look for them, but you’ll still need to use your straightener responsibly and mindfully.

Voltage Compatibility

As you may know, different countries use different voltages in their electric grids. North America, much of South America, Japan, and a few other places use 110V, while Europe, Australia, Africa and other countries use 240V. Plugging a 110V appliance into a 240V electricity source can have disastrous effects—it could ruin the machine or, in the case of straighteners, cause overheating and possible fire.

Luckily, many straighteners these days are compatible with both voltages. If you’re a frequent traveler and need to keep your beard looking professional on your trips, it can be a good idea to look for this feature.


Lastly, many beard straightener models come with some extras included in the box. Extras may include:

Beard Oil or Balm. The most common extras are bear oil or balm, and that makes sense—they’re an important part of normal beard grooming, but they’re especially important if you’re using the beard straightener—and its incredibly high temperatures—to uncurl the curves in your beard.

Carrying Cases. Beard straighteners are actually very difficult to travel with, because their bristles are very delicate. If you just throw a beard straightener in a suitcase or backpack, those bristles can get damaged, and either not work, or make the straightener a fire hazard. So while it may seem that a carrying case is a frivolous extra, if you travel a lot, they can be a very valuable add-on.

Combs. Many straighteners also come with separate combs. They’re great tools for post-straightener use, and they can detail the shape of your beard and help you apply balm or oil. The quality of the combs is usually OK, but you may want to look into getting a comb on your own if you want one that will last a long time.

Heat Sprays. Sprays are a little less common, but they can be a great tool—they can help protect the beard hair and keep it healthy after the heat of straightening. There are a few beard sprays that are sold on their own, but it’s a nice little perk when they come with a straightener.

Beard Wash. You may also see beard wash included, which is good for cleaning your beard before you straighten it, and just giving it an overall well-kept appearance.

best beard straightener

Tips on How to Use a Straightener

Using a beard straightener is generally pretty straightforward, but there are some things you can do to make it go more smoothly and straighten more uniformly and effectively.

It is “best practices” to…

Clean Your Beard First

A clean beard is easier to straighten, because dirt and grime can hold knots and tangles together and prevent the hair from changing shape. Plus, running a beard straightener through a dirty beard… it’s just kind of gross.

You don’t need to shower and wash your beard every time you use a straightener, but it’s definitely a good idea—and if you’re not showering/washing your beard, make sure there’s nothing in it. A few quick passes with a beard comb or brush can do the trick.

If you do shower, keep in mind the following:

> A beard wash specifically designed for beards can remove dirt and grime and get your beard ready for both straightening, AND the intense heat of straightening; and

> Once you’re finished washing your beard, make sure you pat it dry. That can take a few minutes, so be patient.

Straighten One Section at a Time

When you straighten your beard, don’t just move the brush around at random. Instead, take specific sections in your fingers and hold them out away from the rest of the beard, and then move the brush through the section until it’s straight.

This will help you straighten your beard evenly for that neat professional look. Plus, this helps you get down into the deeper parts of your beard for a uniform shape.

Move Slowly from Top to Bottom

As you’re straightening section by section, you should move the brush slowly from the roots of the hair near your face to the bottom. Do it at a slow but consistent pace, and avoid holding the brush on any one spot for more than 2-3 seconds. Repeat this as necessary to get the hair as straight as you want it.

Start Cool

When you first start straightening your beard—meaning, when you first get a straightener and start experimenting with it—try it with the coolest setting on your straightener. This helps your hair better adapt to the heat, and it gives you a better idea of exactly what heat you need for your hair. Then, as you learn more and get more familiar with straightening, you can try the higher settings.

Other Tips to Keep Your Beard Straight

Since beard straighteners can be harsh and damaging to your beard, you may not want to do it every single day. By using the following tips, you can maximize your beard’s natural straightness and keep it straight for longer periods of time.

Wash with the Right Frequency

Most men wash their beards—and the hair on their heads for that matter—way too often.

General wisdom says you should really only wash your beard 2-3 times a week, though this can change with factors like your skin type, how much and how often you sweat, and the climate you live in. Still, it’s not a great idea to wash a beard every day, and some men can go a week or longer without washing.

Washing your beard too often strips it of moisture and vitamins and minerals, and over time, this weakens the internal structure of the hair and leads to breaks and split ends. This will cause it to get even more unkempt and frazzled, which will make it that much harder to straighten and keep straight.

Brush or Comb Out Knots and Tangles

It’s a good idea to brush or comb your beard every day. This prevents it from developing tough knots and tangles. It also helps spread your skin’s natural oil throughout the hair, which keeps it healthy and smooth, again preventing knots and tangles. This keeps it straight for longer.

Pocket combs are a great way to do this. Any time you have a break at work or school, you can run the brush through your beard a few times to make sure it’s as straight as possible.

Use a Beard Wax

Beard wax is a product similar to beard oil or balm that includes ingredients like beeswax that hold hair in shape. If you have a really unruly beard that doesn’t seem to want to say straight, beard wax is an option for holding it that way.

Apply your beard wax after you’ve straightened your beard. Like beard oil or balm, use a comb or your fingers to massage it into every part of the beard running from the tops of the hairs to the bottom. Then all you have to do is make sure your beard is shaped how you want it, and you’re good to go.

Moisturize Your Beard

You can use beard oil or balm to keep your beard moisturized and healthy. The healthy part we’ll get to in a minute, but for now, know that it makes sense to apply beard oil or balm after every wash.

The moisture will maintain the hair’s structural integrity, so it will more easily keep whatever shape you give it. Plus, it will less likely to get tangled or suffer split ends that could make it less straight.

Use a Beard Relaxer (But Be Careful!)

Beard relaxers are chemicals that break down the keratin structures within the shafts of your beard hairs. This relaxes curls and makes your beard straight for a long time, sometimes months.

However, keep in mind that beard relaxers are powerful products, and the chemicals that make them effective are harsh. Long term they can really damage your beard hair and make it susceptible to breaks and split ends.

If you’re dying to have a straight beard and don’t feel like straightening it every single day, this is an option. Just be careful and know what you’re getting into.

How to Keep Your Beard Healthy While Using a Straightener

Using a heated beard straightening brush is a good way to make your beard look neat and stylish, but the high heat exposure can potentially damage the hair, dry it out excessively, or strip vitamins and minerals. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to minimize the damage and keep your beard as healthy as possible.

Moisturize Your Beard with Beard Oil or Balm

Beard oil or balm is one of the best ways to keep your beard healthy in general. They include effective carrier oils and powerful essential oils that provide the hair with vitamins and minerals and help trap in moisture that’s necessary for shaft integrity.

Plus, if you’re suffering from a particular problem, certain essential oils can help fix it. This could be inflammation or damage from excessive heat exposure from the straightener, and it can do you some good to shop around for a beard oil or balm that can treat your hair.

You should apply beard oil or balm any time you wash your beard or after you straighten it. Using your fingers or a comb, massage it into the hair running from the roots to the tips, making sure to get even the deepest parts of the beard.

Use Heat Spray

Beard heat sprays are specifically designed to protect hair from the intense heat of straighteners. Like beard oil and balm, they usually include carrier and essential oils that create a barrier that traps moisture into the hair shafts. This way the straightener dries off excess surface water without damaging the internal structure of the hair itself.

Heat sprays are especially convenient because of their easy spray design. Whether you’re using a heated straightening brush or a beard iron, make sure you give a few squirts to the surface of your beard along the length of it before you start. Once you have a good coating, you can start straightening.

Don’t Wash Too Much

Not only does overwashing make your beard bushier and less uniform-looking, it also makes the hair less healthy. Just take a look at your dog or cat—they probably have a beautiful, shiny coat of fur but hardly ever wash it (OK, maybe that’s not the best example, but you see where we’re going with that).

This is because oil is essential for hair health. It serves the important purpose of trapping moisture in the hair and creating a protective barrier against the elements. Removing too much of this oil too often by washing dries the hair out. This makes it even more vulnerable to damage from heated straightening.

As we mentioned, you probably shouldn’t wash your beard more than three times a week. If you’ve been washing daily until now, try changing to every other day, and slowly work your way up until you can go two or three days without washing.

Use the Lowest Temperature Possible

This one is pretty straightforward. The higher the heat, the more likely the straightener is to damage the beard by drying out the hair shafts.

Always use the lowest temperature setting you can, even if this means it takes a little longer to get it perfectly straight. This is especially true if you’re new to beard straightening. Start low and work your way up.

Use a Straightener with Ionic Technology

Ionic technology uses electronic ions to help dry off excess water without using excessive heat that can damage the internal structure of the hair. There are a lot of beard straightener models that use this technology, so look for it if you can. It will provide for both better straightening and healthier hair.

Don’t Burn the Hair

This seems like a no-brainer, but you might not realize how easy it is to burn the hair while you’re straightening it. Usually this happens because you use a temperature that’s too high and hold it over parts of your beard for too long.

The best way to avoid burning the hair is to always keep the straightener moving. Never let the straightener rest on one part of your beard for an extended period of time or it will inevitably burn the hairs. You might not notice at first, but this will inevitably damage the hair’s internal structure and cause breaks and split ends.

Still Here? Good for You!

If you’re new to straightening your beard, take it slow, and start off at a cooler setting. Give it a couple passes and see how it goes. There’s no rush, and straightening a beard can be a great way to get a new look, or enhance the look you already have.

If you have any questions, jump over to our “Contact” page, and in the meantime—have fun, be good, and happy (straight) beard!

Michael Morris is the head writer here at Rough and Tumble Gentleman. He's got a ducktail beard and loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He's married to the woman of his dreams and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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