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Bluebeard Beard Wash Review

Our Bluebeard Beard Wash Review

Pirates! Known for their beards, not known for good grooming. Is Bluebeard Beard Wash—a product named after a guy who had a beard, but probably a dirty beard—worth a try? Let’s take a look.

Here we’ll provide our Bluebeard Beard Wash review, and share our thoughts. We’ll take a close look at the details, and along the way, we’ll review a few of Bluebeard’s other products, as well. We’ll start with our favorite feature of this beard wash:

It Has a Bright, Lemony Scent

Most beard washes either have a soapy/clean scent or a minty/tea tree scent, and that’s it. Far and away, those are the two scents we come across most. So Bluebeard, with its strong citrus notes, is a really nice surprise. It’s bright and perky and lively, and it’s really pleasant to smell in a warm shower—it can give you a little jolt while also being really pleasant.

And, we should mention—as we’ve written a few dozen times in a few dozen different reviews, scent is a highly subjective, highly personal experience. It’s different for everyone, and where one fragrance may smell heavenly to one person, it may smell terrible to the next. So, here’s how we imagine this plays out:

If you like this scent, it’ll be refreshing and rejuvenating and enjoyable. Bright and lemon-y.

If you don’t like this scent, it’ll be like Pine-Sol—clean, but jarring, and a little overwhelming. After all, citrus scents aren’t common for in-the-shower products, and this is one of the few we know about.

So—as we mentioned, we can’t really tell you if you’ll like it! We’re big fans of citrus scents, and we found it fantastic.

It’s worth noting, too, that Bluebeard makes Unscented Bluebeard Beard Wash (affiliate link), if fragrance isn’t your thing.

The Wash Itself Is Clear

This isn’t a plus or a minus, really, as much as it is a nice change of pace. Most beard washes have a milk-y / silver-y texture, but the Bluebeard formulation is transparent. It’s an aesthetic thing and not important in any real way, but it’s nice and we thought we’d mention it.

It Suds Up Nicely

This is something we hope to see. A lot of beard wash formulations—particularly all-natural formulations, or formulations that are a wash-and-conditioner two-in-one formulation—don’t get sudsy, and you have to really work them into your beard, and you’re never really sure if you’re doing a good job.

That’s a hassle, and that’s why we like this feature so much—you can create a nice thick lather and work it into all areas of your facial hair, but ALSO the skin underneath it.

And, we should mention—it’s a great feeling when a beard wash suds up nicely, but that’s only half the battle, because a nice fluff of suds will drive you crazy if it doesn’t have this next feature:

It REALLY Washes Out of Your Beard

This sounds like a picayune point, and something that’s not even worth remarking on, but it’s actually a really strong “pro” for Bluebeard Beard Wash: after you apply it to your beard and get it all sudsed-up, it’s both really easy to wash out of your beard, and it actually FEELS like you’ve washed it out of your beard.

Again, that seems like a not-so-big deal, but if you’ve ever used a below-average beard wash, it feels like you can never really wash it out of your beard, no matter how hard you try. That’s irritating, and if the beard wash doesn’t actually come out of your beard, it can lead to actual skin irritation later—and that’s the worst.

So, this is a huge plus—it suds up well, it cleans well, and it washes out well. That’s pretty much all that we can ask for, and your beard is left with the “squeaky clean” feeling and sound—if you tug on your beard a little bit, you can hear that little “squeak” sound. Excellent.

Now that we’ve detailed Bluebeard Beard Wash, we should probably talk about some of those other products now, so let’s skip forward:

Bluebeard Has Some Great Companion Products

This is always something we hope to see. Sometimes you’ll find a great beard product, and the company that makes it doesn’t make anything else. That’s a bummer, but it’s not the case here. Bluebeard makes a few other beard products, including:

Bluebeards Beard Conditioner (affiliate link). Another product with a nice, bright smell, it can add a little bit of shine to a beard, and make it a bit softer. It can also be a great option for beardruff—it’s got a few ingredients (most notably burdock and fenugreek) that can nourish skin.

Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Intensive Repair (affiliate link). This is a really neat addition to the line-up, and it’s one that most beard-product companies don’t include. It’s for beards that have seen a thing or two, and it’s a basically a strong conditioner that can soften and rejuvenate beard hair—it contains amino acids and meadowfoam seed oil, which can provide some hydration for skin and hair, and it, too, can relieve some beard itch and beardruff. It’s not for everyday use—this is a once-a-week or twice-a-week formulation.

Bluebeards Original Beard Saver (affiliate link). We know a lot of people who absolutely *love* this product. It’s not a balm, even though it comes in a package shaped like a balm—it’s more of a beard cream or leave-in conditioner. It can relieve beard itch, help with ingrown hairs (and that prickly feeling they produce), and moisturize both your skin and hair. After washing your face and beard, you work a dab of it into your beard, all the way to the skin. Your results may vary, but this is a favorite among many of the medium- to long-bearded guys we talk to.

It would be nice if they had more offerings—Cremo, for example, has more than a dozen different products, in a number of different scents—so we hope that Bluebeard and his gang can come up with a business plan and expand a little. They’re off to a great start.

OK! All that said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a complaint in our Bluebeard Beard Wash review, and that is:

The Product Artwork is Lazy

Just like our observation above that the wash is clear, this next one isn’t really that important, but we looooove the way beard products look, so we have to say: the product artwork here is really underwhelming. There are so many beard products that have fantastic artwork, so why not Bluebeard, especially when “Bluebeard” has so much potential for great artwork?

Here’s an example—Grave Before Shave makes a bunch of beard products, and here’s their beard oil (affiliate link in image):

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil (they get their logo RIGHT)

Look at that artwork on the bottle. Scary! Gruesome! Intense! Grave Before Shave obviously took a little time to make the emblem, and it looks great.

Here’s what the Bluebeard Beard Wash looks like:

Bluebeard Beard Wash Review

That’s… OK… but there’s a lot of room for improvement. It’s kind of lazy.

Again, this isn’t a big deal at all, and the important thing is that the product itself is fantastic. But we’d love to see them put some effort into how the product looks.

[Update: We just learned that they may begin to incorporate new artwork into their products! Way to be, Bluebeard!]

We Give Bluebeard a Lot of Credit

After all, pirates were—and we say this with respect to any pirates out there—thieves and robbers and plunderers. They’d find merchant ships on the high seas and take whatever they could. They didn’t really *create* anything, and that’s why we have to offer them up some praise—it’s tough to run a company that makes beard products. You have to be organized and efficient, draw up business plans, and that sort of thing. You really have to have your act together.

So hat’s off to you, Bluebeard. We love your beard products, and we’re proud of you for leaving your life of criminality and your disregard for the rules of maritime shipping, in order to embrace true entrepreneurialism and legitimate commerce [Editor’s Note: Bluebeard is not a real person and does not actually make this product].

Alright, that’s it from us. Good luck, have fun, and happy beards!

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Michael Morris is the head writer here at Rough and Tumble Gentleman. He's got a ducktail beard and loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He's married to the woman of his dreams and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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