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Our Clubman Pinaud Beard Oil Review

You may have heard of Clubman Pinaud—they’ve been around for a long, long time, and their products have a very memorable scent—and they’re in a LOT of barbershops. It’s actually kind of difficult to avoid them. They’re probably best known for their aftershave, but they’ve got colognes and shampoos and shave gels, and we recently picked […]

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Beard Oil Before and After Pics on Two Beards

If you’re new to wearing a beard—or you’ve simply got an inquiring mind and like to know things—you may be wondering: what does beard oil do to a beard? Well, friend, your wait is over, and here it is: our beard oil before and after pics. Below, we’ll use one of our premiere beard models to show […]

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Our Cremo Beard Oil Review

Before we jump into our Cremo Beard Oil review, we should start with an observation. We’re big fans of company slogans—you know, the little tagline that comes after a company name. Some are iconic (like Nike’s “Just Do It”), some make big promises (like Red Bull’s “Red Bull Gives You Wings”), and some are downright boastful […]

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Our Zeus Beard Oil Review

Before we jump into our Zeus Beard Oil review, we should note: when it comes to beards, it’s hard to outdo Zeus. When you think of historical figures with beards, you think of Abraham Lincoln, maybe Ernest Hemingway, and… Zeus! And—really, having a beard amounts to half of what most people know about Zeus. He had a […]

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