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Our Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Review

In this post, we’ll provide a full review of Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner. We go into a lot of detail—especially for a beard wash—and we’re curious if your experience is similar to ours.

If you don’t want the details, and you just want a summary, well then here you go:

SUMMARY: Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Very good! Nothing too fancy—a nice one-two punch to get your beard clean and give it some body. We like the smell—it seemed like tea tree, with that pleasant-yet-bracing/minty-fresh scent—and it’s easy to work into beard hair and scrub on the skin underneath. It doesn’t froth up or get sudsy—shampoo/conditioner combos tend not to do that—so if that’s something you’re looking for, you may want to try something else (like Grave Before Shave Beard Wash). It didn’t really leave a scent after it dried, and we count that as a plus, as we usually really on beard oils/balms for that. All in all, a great option, in our most humble estimation.

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OK, here’s what we liked, and didn’t:

It’s a Two-in-One Formula…

…and while that doesn’t sound like a big deal, it’s actually a great thing. There are plenty of beard shampoos—and a LOT of beard soaps—that will clean your beard and do a good job of it, and then leave your beard dry and flat afterwards, and you need to use a conditioner in addition to the shampoo you just used.

While that’s not the worst thing in the world, it just takes a while, especially if you also need a shampoo and conditioner for the hair on your head.

And, perhaps more importantly…

And It Seems to Work Well!

There’s not really much a shampoo + conditioner needs to do—it just needs to clean your beard and hydrate it. That’s it, really, and Bulldog seems to get the job done: after the shower, the beard was bushy and healthy-looking and easy to groom.

As for usage, it was easy to leave work into the beard, easy to get to the skin, and easy to rinse out. It smelled nice, too, and more on that later.

One thing that some people may not like, however: it wasn’t super-sudsy. Some people really like that, and we didn’t experience any sudsy-ness.

That’s to be expected, though—it’s a shampoo AND a conditioner, and conditioners tend to remain flat (like the ones you’d user on your hair).

They’re not really meant to lather, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this may not be for you (and we’d suggest checking out Grave Before Shave Beard Wash (affiliate link)—folks seem to like that, and we got it to sudsy up).

Our Favorite Beard Shampoo

"Just a small amount the size of a peanut or almond springs into a sudsy cloud that's easy to work into the beard, and easy to wash out. The scent is invigorating—a little mint-y, maybe menthol-y, or like tea-tree—but it doesn't last too long, so you can use a beard oil or beard balm afterwards."

- RTG Editorial

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There’s Plenty of Good Stuff Inside

Here’s what it’s made of, along with what that ingredient brings to the table. Our favorite aspect of these ingredients is that each is both for skin and hair:

Aloe Vera: Aloe contains amino acids that can produce a restorative effect on skin, and it can give your hair shine and texture;

Camelina Oil: This is a great inclusion, because we don’t always see it in male grooming products. It moisturizes hair and can decrease/eliminate dandruff—a great ingredient to have in a shampoo/conditioner; and

Great Tea: This is another one-two punch that’s good for both hair and skin. It has anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce skin irritation—a good thing if your beard aggravates your skin—and it’s used by cultures around the world to support hair growth.

What’s also great is what’s *not* included—Bulldog shampoo/conditioner—in fact, all of Bulldog’s products—are free of synthetic fragrances (which are in a looooooooooooot of grooming products and cosmetics), artificial colors, and plastic microbeads (which are also included in a lot of grooming products). Also, the products are cruelty-free—which is wonderful (and what we’d hope to see, especially considering the company is named after an animal!).

The Scent Is Pleasant (If Not a Little Vague, But That’s a Good Thing)

It’s always funny when you get people to try and describe a scent, because even with simple scents, conveying an idea of the fragrance is a tricky job.

We gave this to a friend and he said he thought it smelled like citrus, but that didn’t come across to us at all. To us, it smelled more like tea tree, that kind of minty, free, a-little-bit-bracing smell that wakes you up a bit. It wasn’t overpowering, but that’s what we got.

The good thing is, the scent didn’t really last for long after we got out of the shower. That can sometimes happen with a beard wash, where you apply it in the shower, rinse it off, and then go about your day, all while still smelling like wash (and you’re not quite sure that you rinsed it all out). That didn’t happen with Bulldog shampoo/conditioner—once we washed it out, that was that.

Keep in mind, that’s a mark against it, if you actually want that scent to stick around—but there are all sorts of other scents you can put on your beard in your beard oil or beard balm. If you’re looking for scents, we’d recommend Viking Revolution Beard Oils (affiliate link)—they have a whole range of very unique and enticing scents.

Some Bulldog Shampoo/Conditioner Usage Tips

Beard shampoos and beard conditioners shouldn’t be complicated, but they’re a little different from head shampoos/conditioners, and here are some things to keep in mind:

Let It Sit. Once you work it into your beard, leave it along for a minute or two—let it soak in there. The shampoo part of things will get stuff out of your beard, but the conditioner needs to sit in your beard hair and hydrate it/imbue it moisture.

Get It to Your Skin. The skin underneath your beard tends to be tragically forgotten about. We see that with a lot of guys—that skin tends to be dry, and it needs a little TLC. So, if you can, try to massage it down to your skin and let it sit there for a minute or two. The aloe vera has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, and can be great for skin. It can alleviate some of that beard itch that a lot of guys experience.

It’s Probably Best Used in the Shower. You could use this in the sink, but you’d need to really make sure you get it all out. It’s probably easiest to use it in the shower, so you can be sure it’s all washed out, and won’t irritate your skin later.

Fun Fact About Bulldogs…

A Bulldog

…they’re very independent, moreso than other breeds, and they can be very independent and know their own minds.

We don’t know, however, how they feel about the beard shampoo/conditioner that bears their name, but we’re pleased with it. Hopefully there’s something here in our Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner review that will help you make up your own mind—good luck, have fun, and clean beard!

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Michael Morris is the head writer here at Rough and Tumble Gentleman. He's got a ducktail beard and loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He's married to the woman of his dreams and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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