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Shaving Soap vs. Cream: Which is Better?

Today we’ll re-visit one of the great wet shaving debates: shaving soap vs. cream. Both create a full, well-cushioned lather that softens your whiskers and protects your skin, but which is empirically better? In the post below, we’ll get to the bottom of all this. We’ll go through all the pros and cons of each, compare […]

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How to Use Pre-Shave Oil (and Some Selection Tips)

Welcome to Rough and Tumble Gentleman! This is our “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pre-Shave Oils but Were Afraid to Ask” post. In the sections below, we’ll introduce you to pre-shave oil, describe what it does—and doesn’t do—and then we’ll list some of our favorites. Towards the end, we’ll ​discuss how to use […]

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Different Types of Razors: A Complete Guide

Welcome! In this post, we’ll be discussing the different types of razors you can use to shave your face. Many men—particularly those who are new to shaving—don’t realize that there are a wide variety of razors available to use, and that some types of razors are (in our opinion!) way, way better than others. We’ll start […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Wet Shaving, Beginning to End

Welcome! In this post, we’re going to provide an in-depth guide to wet shaving technique. In it, we’ll describe every step of the wet-shaving process, discuss all the tools you need, and offer some guidance on how to make your wet shaving routine, beginning to end, a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Let’s dive in. ​Table […]

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Skin Care Tips for Wet Shavers

In this post, we’ll discuss some skin care tips for wet shavers, that you, as a man / wet shaver, should keep in mind. Some of these are fairly common knowledge, and you’ll find them mention on literally every single website that deals with men’s grooming or men’s health (like “Avoid Sun Damage”), but others […]

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