What is Dry Shaving

What is Dry Shaving? A Closer Look

In many of our posts, we discuss wet shaving: the shaving technique that uses safety razors or straight edge razors, all-natural soaps and creams, and soft shaving brushes. We’re fairly in love with it, and we’ve written a whole slew of posts about it. But what about dry shaving? There’s not as much content about dry […]

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Beard Haters

No Love for Beard Haters

It’s an odd thing: it’s considered very impolite to criticize someone’s looks, or their personal style, or any of their fashion choices they’ve made. You’d never go up to someone and say, “You have a huge nose and you’re ugly,” or “Your grooming decisions sicken me.” That’s inappropriate, and most people don’t do that. (If

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