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The Best Beard Dye: Which is Right for You?

Many of us love our beards and could never imagine life without them, but we’re not crazy about the actual color of our whiskers. It’s actually a pretty common concern, and luckily, there are a lot of different ways to add color and tone to your beard. There are, however, some things you’ll need to consider, […]

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The Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Top Picks for Men

For many men, shaving is a calm, centering routine that feels great. It’s a tranquil ritual that’s relaxing, introspecting, and pleasant. For some of us, though—those of us who experience razor burn, or rash, or inflammation from shaving—the routine is kind of torturous. Nicks, cuts, bumps—for those of us who come away from a shave anticipating […]

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The Best Beard Wax for Hold and Body

Beard wax was once only a concern for biker gangs and Vikings, but with the proliferation of beards in our culture—and it’s awesome to see, because beards are everywhere—it’s something you may want to consider if you’ve got long facial hair. Here we’ll go over the buying features you’ll want to consider if you’re buying […]

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