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Beard Benefits: Why Growing Your Facial Hair Can Be a Great Idea

Welcome to Rough and Tumble Gentleman! Today we’re talking about BEARDS, and why we love them. We’ll start with… well, let’s start with the perhaps the most important benefit:Science Says Women Are into Dudes with BeardsYou may have heard: beards are over, done, gone, out. No longer stylish, yesterday’s news, passe.  There’s only one problem: Science says that women […]

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Your First Time Wet Shaving: What to Expect

It’s funny—there is a LOT of material on the internet about shaving, and probably thousands of instructional shaving videos, but there aren’t really any posts that let you know what to expect when you wet shave for the first time. Most sites show what to do, but they don’t really tell you what to expect. […]

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How to Find a Good Barber

You can learn how to give yourself a fantastic shave, but unless you are magnificently​ talented, you’ll never be able to give yourself a fantastic haircut. That’s something you’re going to have to outsource to a barber, and it’s pretty darn important: you’re basically entrusting someone to help shape your appearance—the look that you’ll be presenting […]

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Three Things I Learned from My Barber

My barber, Nick, is one of my favorite people. He’s a lunatic, and a wacko, and an incredible barber. I’ve been going to him for years, and I can’t picture myself going to anyone else. He’s an old-school Italian, and you could imagine he’s straight out of a movie: he’s got espresso waiting for you when […]

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No Love for Beard Haters

It’s an odd thing: it’s considered very impolite to criticize someone’s looks, or their personal style, or any of their fashion choices they’ve made. You’d never go up to someone and say, “You have a huge nose and you’re ugly,” or “Your grooming decisions sicken me.” That’s inappropriate, and most people don’t do that. (If […]

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